How Net Zero by 2050 matches Beijing’s “Hundred Years Marathon”


“What is Eor’s house? A thatched barn where bandits stink and roll on the floor between dogs.” Demands the Consul of the Chinese Communist Party in Rio about Canada and the Trudeau dynasty. Rather, a photo of Little Potato (Trudeau was nicknamed during his 2016 trip to China): “Boy, your greatest achievement is ruining the friendship between China and Canada and making Canada the United States. Save !!! “

I think my child’s gloves are off … boy.

I’m not going to “hat” Of course, Li Yang personally has a warrior diplomacy. Because it was dramatically increased towards the domination of 習近 Xiaoping world, such discourse is currently, become the standard from Beijing bully. However, I would like to pay attention to some of the strategies that have probably not yet been revealed.

In particular,”Hundred years marathonAs outlined in Michael Pillsbury’s book, by the time of the century of Mao Zedong’s bloody revolution in 1949, the place where China would become the dominant world power is the west of “Net Zero by 2050.” Consistent with the resolute promotion of.As explained in detail in Climate discussion nexus video”Red-green threat“Politicians, activists, scholars, and even bankers now, as the term is understood in Beijing, gear from Xi’s conquest of the world to getting his Satrap in the right order. It seems that they are very determined to stop CO2 emissions by the time they are ready to shift. But not all of us are together.

Beijing is notorious for not participating in emission reductions. Indeed, they sometimes say the right thing. But everyone knows, If they care, That’s window dressing. China is the world’s leading emitter, earning more emissions every day and building hundreds of coal-fired power plants to facilitate the rush to global economic and military domination. I am. Then, the awakened Net Zero Western financial institution refused to fund power plants in poor countries, so they built them both domestically and internationally. Then some Chinese salespeople quickly show up with smooth patterned lines that exclude the threats, ridicule, and “boys” you get if you think they have you in your throat.

As you may know, I’m not a fan of conspiracy theory. Believing in something like the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a sign of mental and moral disability. And as a historian, I’ve seen enough personnel to realize that we can’t smoothly carry out our cunning plans and even hide them smoothly. That’s all you can do to follow your shopping list. But humans can make huge, misguided honesty and improper planning with disastrous consequences. Indeed, in the wonderful lesson we thought we learned from Hitler, his ambitions from world conquest to genocide were hidden in “Mein Kampf”. There was a letter of struggle.

The same applies to Stalin. From rhetorical bile-spitting radio Moscow to his own sinister manifesto, “The Foundation of Reninism.” And Pol Pot and so on. In, 2013 CCP memo “document # 9” Why is not stated exactly the idea of ​​Xi Jinping.

My claim is not that China invented global warming to help us. The problem of the impact of CO2 and other “greenhouse gases” on global temperature arises organically from 19th-century Western scientific research, and that free societies do not discuss it. Possible consequences will betray our basic principles. (Climate Discussion One of the reasons Nexus is bullied and not silent.)

Similarly, it is immoral and rude for a free society to ignore its threat to freedom, including a highly ideological and tyrannical regime that abuses our delusions. The Chinese Communist Party’s funding of Western environmentalists is a public issue, if not a well-publicized record. The fact that Western environmentalists are surprisingly slow to acknowledge the heightened threat from Beijing, despite China’s rising GHG emissions and the tone of aggressive wolf warriors envisioned by the Chinese Communist Party, is It’s a moment of victory, including pressure on Western companies to ignore the Uighur slaughter. ..

To be fair, Lee Yang points out Trudeau’s fiscal policy. But that anger about Eor’s house from Salman in The Lord of the Rings was cornered by his Eisengard fortress and the wreckage of his plans, yet trying to play both the tyrant and the counselor. I’m failing both. Politburo is increasingly at risk of finding himself, including the climate.

If artificial global warming is an existential threat to civilization, we need to get someone to start treating it that way. If not, you don’t need to. In any case, the CCP passed the thatched barn in a foul-smelling cloud of exhaust with a bumper sticker saying, “Thanks to Netzero, you’re a useful idiot.” While laughing and blasting, there is no justification for doing so.

John Robson is a documentary filmmaker, National Post columnist, Dorchester Review contributor editor, and Executive Director of Climate Discussion Nexus. His latest documentary is “Environment: True Story”.

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