How to be happy alone

True happiness comes from within.

And you can always rely on others to lift your mood, but nothing exactly the same Is pleased With your own company. That said, can you really be happy alone?

Yes, but it’s all about perspective.

The word “alone” sometimes has a negative meaning, as many consider it lonely, well, sad. However, this is not the case because the meanings of the two words are quite different.

“Feeling lonely is completely different from being alone in reality. Solitude is the feeling of being alone in a situation.” Dr. Nina WasanMD, Chief Medical Officer Genuine Said today.

With the right technique, you may be able to overcome this feeling of loneliness. You are singleExperience a farewell or just miles away from the people you love. “For example, if you’re alone and you can connect with others through activities such as good communication and volunteering, you won’t feel lonely,” she said.

In fact, the ability to enjoy quality joy alone may be the best Acts of self-love.. Whether it’s a choice or a situation, not to mention being alone, “give time to engage through introspective, creative, or activities such as: Journaling, Draw pictures, read books, make something for the house. “

Read expert tips and tricks on how to be happy alone. Incorporate one (or all) of these techniques into your daily life and remind yourself that happiness always begins and ends with you.Who knows, you are you Better friends, partners, and colleagues for that reason.

Develop a training routine

Have you ever noticed how your mood improves after actively walking around the block?It’s not a secret Simple walking routine It is beneficial to your health. In addition to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, walking can help relieve stress and increase attention, whether fast or slow. research..

“At the biological level, endorphins that are free from exercise improve mood. Psychologically, the more people you interact with and the better you are, the more proficient you are and the more happier you are. It leads to a feeling of humor, “said Dr. Vasan.

It would be even better if you could train outdoors, as “time spent in nature can also help you feel better.”

Peathegee / Getty Images

Peathegee / Getty Images

Stop comparing yourself to others

As you scroll through social media, it’s easy to lose track of who you really are and what makes you stand out. Cathryn LeeMHC, ED.M, MA warn that social media can often lead to comparisons, also known as “joy thieves.”

“When you compare yourself to others, you may feel that you are inadequate, less, left behind, and you may experience higher levels of stress, anxiety, or low self-esteem.” She said.

If you find yourself feeling depressed, stop scrolling and remember that we are all on a different path. According to Lee, the best way to get out of this negative headspace is to practice acceptance and get rid of emotional triggers like Instagram and Facebook.

Curate your hobbies

Your career, family, and daily commitments keep you busy, but what do you do for what? you?? Dr. Vasan recommends revisiting old hobbies or finding new ones that inspire joy. Look for something that inspires creativity, such as taking pictures or signing up for a ceramics course.

volunteer In your community

Helping others helps your mind and your head. A 2020 study published in Journal of Happiness It turns out that those who volunteer are happier than those who do not.

“Volunteering and giving back can help us find a sense of purpose. By identifying the cause of concern and spending time on it, we can connect to something beyond ourselves and increase our sense of well-being,” Vasan said. The doctor said.

MoMo Productions / Getty Images

MoMo Productions / Getty Images

Practice introspection

Introspection, like looking in a physical mirror, is an easy way to gain insights from the inside to the outside of what you look like.

Dr. Vasan proposes a diary-like activity, Practice of mindfulness When Express gratitude To help you better understand who you are and what you need. In return, you can connect with others at a deeper level.

Be bold and try new things

Do you remember when you first tried kale, you really liked it? Of course, it can be daunting, but trying new things opens up a whole new world for you.

From bold foods to unusual activities, come up with a list of things you’ve always wanted to try. Check the items one by one from the list and find some favorites along the way.

Leaning on animals for emotional support

Parents of all pets know that they are not really alone as long as the fur baby is by their side. Dr. Vasan could not agree any further. “Emotional support animals can bring immeasurable joy and friendship to people.”

If taking a puppy or cat seems to help you travel alone, it is recommended that Dr. Vasan contact your doctor to see if your pet can be registered as an emotional support animal. That way, “you can take me to a specific place related to your home or travel.”

Put yourself first

It’s easy to say, but Lee suggests taking the time to really get to know yourself. After all, “The most important relationship we have is our relationship with ourselves.”

Treat your relationship with yourself like any other relationship in your life by prioritizing your desires and needs.Maybe that means scheduling daily training and reading Daily affirmations Or set aside 5 minutes a day to write down your thoughts. By filling your own cup, you will get space and energy for everyone else.

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Jamie Grill / Getty Images / Tetra Images RF

Jamie Grill / Getty Images / Tetra Images RF

Get out of nature

Studies show that spending time outside leads to a happier and more relaxed state. for example, 2019 survey published in Scientific Reports We have found that spending at least 120 minutes each week in nature improves people’s health and overall health.

Lee adds that fresh air and sunlight can reduce cortisol levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and overall stress. Taking a step in nature also clears the mind and ultimately leads to improved working memory, cognitive flexibility, and attention control.

In other words, you will be one with yourself by being one with nature.

Live in an instant

For special occasions, we save a little luxury of life many times — expensive candles, layered cakes, you name it —. The secret to being happy alone is to live the best life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Don’t wait for someone, something, or a milestone to determine your happiness,” Lee said. Of joy and abundance. “

With this as your permission, do whatever it takes to light all the candles, bake all the cakes and make your heart happy.