How to lose fat in 4 easy steps, according to a former Royal Navy trainer

Days at sea in the Royal Navy (left) and now Iain Reitze.

Days at sea in the Royal Navy (left) and now Iain Reitze.Ian Reitze

  • According to a former military personal trainer, there are four key steps to ensuring fat loss.

  • Iain Reitze said that achieving your goals requires the right mindset and approach.

  • Don’t be overly restrictive. He said this could make him resent the target.

To lose fat In the long run, change the way you think about travel and don’t be overly restrictive.Former Royal Navy Physical Trainer and Personal Trainer Ian Reitze told an insider.

Most of his clients want to lose weight, and Reitze is fine with that, but he’s trying to shift his focus to improving performance and health.

He said that when you focus on eating well and exercising for your health, a by-product is a change in your body’s appearance.

“I try to change my mindset and focus off Because there’s a lot of emotional attachment and prejudice to weight gain and loss,” he said.

Reitze – who participated in British Navy At 16, she became a physical education instructor and has worked with recruits, NATO special forces, military prison inmates, wounded soldiers and women in rehab. military background It helped him develop the skills necessary to adapt his style to each person.

Reitze left the Navy after 27 years and now runs fitness retreats in Portugal and the UK. He believes people should strive for a balanced lifestyle. That means both regular exercise and a little bit of what you love, like two glasses of wine on the weekends.

Many nutrition and fitness experts have shared this approach, saying,80/20 principleIt encourages you to choose nutritious foods 80% of the time and enjoy what you love the rest of the time. Excessive restrictions are unsustainable for most people As such, it generally does not lead to long-term success.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t overdo it. Reitze said one of his best things about the military is that it shows him that he can do things he thinks he can’t, which builds confidence.

fat loss is lack of caloriesAchieving that will require both consistency and persistence, Reitze said.

write down goals

Before you do anything, it’s important to write down exactly what your goal is and set an ideal time frame for achieving it. This will give you an idea of ​​how disciplined you are.

For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks, most people need to be relatively disciplined and mostly on track. However, if it takes him 10 weeks to lose the same amount, you can eat more and indulge in treats while meeting your goals.

According to research Slow weight loss is the most sustainable.

Break things into manageable chunks

Reitze says it’s important not to overhaul your entire lifestyle all at once.

For example, if you want to drink less, cut back on alcohol, but don’t cut it down, and gradually reduce your consumption.

experts agree The same can be said for fitness. If he doesn’t exercise at all, he may not be able to sustain five workouts a week without building up gradually.

not too restrictive

Even if you cut too many calories and eat too little, or cut out your favorite food groups or things, Overly restrictive diets are generally not sustainable.

If your diet makes your life miserable, you may end up resenting your goals.

To Includes all foods enjoyed in moderation And if you eat enough to maintain your energy while losing weight, you can enjoy the journey, he said.

change mindset

Remember that you are in control of your thoughts. Don’t tell yourself you can’t eat something. Tell yourself that you are choosing not to eat.

He likens it to the number of people who make the conscious decision not to smoke, even though we could all smoke.

Instead of saying “I have to go” to the gym, tell yourself “I’m going.”the coach agrees change mindset An important part of fat loss success.

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