How Trump has set up infrastructure transactions that it currently opposes

Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump opposed the bipartisan infrastructure bill, but if the proposal passed with Republican support, and if it was still big, he would probably thank Trump himself.

Wednesday’s playing cards, still banned from Twitter statement Blow up “RINO” Republicans who may want to vote for a $ 1 trillion package. “It’s a loser to the United States, a terrible deal, and makes Republicans look weak, stupid, and stupid,” he said. “Don’t do it to Republicans — patriots will never forget! If this deal happens, many primaries will come your way!” So far, at least Congressional Republicans ignore Former president.

The obvious problem with Trump’s threat is that it is very transparent and hypocritical.As Politico Note, Trump himself proposed a $ 1 trillion infrastructure plan as presidential candidate and almost supported a $ 2 trillion package in 2019, Blow it up At a meeting in the Oval Office, he announced that he would not work with the Democrats in Congress until the Democrats stopped his investigation. (They didn’t.) Trump doesn’t claim that there is something wrong with the bill itself. He does not want President Biden to win a victory that he could not or does not want to achieve himself.

More than that, President Trump is probably Worth The last nail in the coffin of the image of the Republican Party as a long-standing financial hawkish party.Even before the pandemic, playing cards were piled up Huge amount Federal Debt-many of which are driven by his party giants 2017 tax cut This mainly benefited rich..And one of Trump’s last actions as president (except to instigate a rebellion against Congress) Failed effort Send a $ 2,000 stimulus check to all Americans.

Lack of rebuke has long been the Republican’s most powerful weapon in democratic ambitions.That’s part of why Bill Clinton is really Balanced Federal Budget, and Why Barack Obama’s 2009 Stimulation During the Great Recession small Than it should be. But given their own role in Trump’s recent history of budget collapse, Congressional Republicans of this era are plausible that Democrats are spending large sums of money repairing roads, bridges, and airports. I can’t argue. Sure, they didn’t really care. He may be angry now, but Trump has done the most important job in any infrastructure project: he laid the foundation.

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