How Trump Overstated and Helped New York Investigators

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast / Getty

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast / Getty

Former President Donald Trump was just trying to help. Instead, he gave the investigator more ammunition.

Trump’s lawyer submitted on Monday document He doesn’t even have enough knowledge to “deny knowledge” and “form beliefs” about how he was allegedly slapped a 30% brand premium on some business properties in 2014. Insist.

But the next day, Trump said completely against when he issued. long A statement against the news that his longtime external accounting firm Mazars USA suddenly had Abandoned him.. He took this opportunity to show off his previous net worth of $ 5.7 billion in 2014. More importantly, he said it did not include the typical boost of the Trump brand’s “enthusiasm.”

Trump’s inner ring “screwed” him by his tax office

On Wednesday, the prosecutor letter The card can no longer be played ignorantly. He just revealed that he “knows exactly what OAG is investigating.”

“His answer is not just legally inadequate, which is clearly inconsistent with his public statement,” they wrote.

Its self-ownership will be owned by a state judge on Thursday I ordered him to submit evidence About Shade real estate value Cases about the Trump Organization’s banking and suspected tax evasion.Playing cards A constant need to brag In the end, it became clear that he had more evidence to turn over.

He overstated — just at the wrong time.

“We’re talking about a guy who has a habit of shooting down his mouth. I think this is very harmful and unusual. Usually people refer everything to their lawyers,” he said. Daniel L. Feldman, a former lawyer at the AG office, currently teaching at the City University of New York’s John Jay Criminal Justice University, said.

And now, Judge Arthur F. Engoron of New York Orde When forced to submit documents to Trump on Thursday, the Attorney General of New York’s lawyer can ask for specific information that is known to exist today.

The Trump organization has hardened the hotel. His children may pay a price.

“They have a clear path.’OK, you were obviously based on something, so give us a document to support the statement you just made,'” Feldman said daily. I told Beast.

The Trump-approved statement could exacerbate the former president’s legal heartburn, but ironically, it was carefully prepared.

At least it paid more attention than your average Trump statement.

After the news that Mothers dropped him on Monday, the former president and his staff Significant silence on the topic..Playing cards, usually Spit out As soon as he could, he didn’t make a statement until Tuesday night, a full day later, when his spokesman finally blew away the typical mysterious mission.

Attorneys and financial data were consulted and reviewed during the protracted drafting process, and former presidential staff received Trump’s dictated message, which was consistently fragmented, according to two people familiar with the matter. I decorated it.

“They took the time to do this. You need to be careful, cautious and thorough. You don’t want to give your enemies anything to use against you or your clients, and you’re clear. … I want to have a strong message, “said one source.

Anyway, the typical Trumpian pride of Tuesday’s written statement may have been just enough to hand over what was impeached twice. Former President’s “enemySomething new to use.

“But it looks like someone dropped the ball.” A person familiar with the situation rhetorically asked.

Will Thursday be the worst day ever for Trump and his kids?

Currently, the spotlight is on Arina Haba, Trump’s private lawyer in this case. Alina Haba has approved Trump’s court document, which is inconsistent with his remarks.A lawyer in the suburbs of New Jersey has taken an important role as an adviser to the former president. His team of nationally recognized lawyers ran away last year.

Haba scrutinized at a court hearing on Thursday, but when she gave a rhetorical speech about politics in response to television. Hillary Clinton spying on playing cards— And he had to be repeatedly blamed for making the novice’s mistake of interfering with the judge.

Playing cards Summon New York AG office issued on December 1, 2021.

However, after fighting for another two months and issuing an additional statement shortly before the judge’s decision, AG Letisha James was able to request more recent documents related to his “statement of financial position.” ..

In his judicial order on Thursday, Judge Engoron did not directly address Trump’s over-sharing. But he picked up another Trump Organization statement about the accounting failure.

February 9 letter The Trump Organization has clearly cast a cloud of suspicion from Mothers by pointing out that it has denied 10 years of Trump’s personal financial statements. Investigate as the letter “… confirms that Mothers’ work was done in accordance with all applicable accounting standards and principles.”

Don’t worry about Mothers telling you to stay away from previous clients.

Engoron compared it to the modern “alternative facts” and quoted the dangerous truth reversal of George Orwell’s dystopian novel. 1984Note how it said: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

“Mothers’ warning that Trump’s financial statements are unreliable suddenly declares that OAG’s long-standing investigation controversy is as bold as ridiculous,” he wrote.

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