How Ukrainian peasants captured Russian squads

Some of the captured personnel were traitors from Crimea

Some of the captured personnel were traitors from Crimea

A former Ukrainian officer who betrayed the country during the 2014 occupation of the Crimea was among the captured personnel.

Svitlana Vanzhula was responsible for installing the partisan cell in Plyushchivka.

Pictures of nine captured Russian soldiers began patrolling social media on March 2. Local government officials explained that at the time, villagers in Pristikhka and Pisok captured 10 enemy fighters and handed them over to police.

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Vanzhula told Graty the day she was performing a local volunteer defense campaign, moving back and forth between ad hoc command posts.

“All my men were stationed at the observation post. (They) called me and said,” Sveta (short for Svitrana), 11 Russian men are approaching the village. ” I said, “Vandura recalled the incident in early March.

“They were armed, moving across the field and running from one grove to another … we only had two rifles.”

Nevertheless, Vandura told the locals to gather and expel the found Russian soldiers to intercept them. She also turned to a nearby village for help. The territorial defense volunteers had five assault rifles in their hands.

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“By the time they came, we were already out (from Priusitifka) – 50 men and me,” Vanzhula said.

“I grabbed a white bag from the trunk and said,’Let’s all go.’ I will negotiate. Tell them they have no choice. “

She noticed that if Russians entered her village, they could start shooting people.

“Thankfully, they didn’t know we weren’t armed. They saw some of us in a lot of cars and lying low in the grove.” Vandura said.

“We were yelling at them to surrender. They were shooting in the air. Eventually, they surrendered on the condition that they would save their lives. We agreed, took their weapons, and ( I escorted them (from the grove). “

The captured troops were found to have come from occupied Crimea. Two police officers, a major and a captain, were among them and were not involved with the prisoners.

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“They were fine when we saw us unarmed,” Vandura recalled.

Two months later, a court in Kieu sentenced the commander of the Russian Marine Expeditionary Brigade Ihor Rudenko to 15 years in prison for treason.

Rudenko is a former Ukrainian officer who served in the Crimean Coast Guard before 2014. After Russia annexed the peninsula, he betrayed his pledge of allegiance and took office in the Russian army.

Seven years later, he was one of the Russian invaders captured by the residents of Prisitifka near the village.

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