How young are you?Children today can agree on various procedures

A 12-year-old Canadian can receive contraception, abortion, heterosexual hormones, and COVID-19 vaccination without parental consent if deemed informed by the authorities.

When it comes to vaccination, former judge Brian Giesbrecht, senior policy fellow at the Frontier Public Policy Center, says teen vaccination is inconsistent with other legal regulations.

“Some parents have very strong opposition to vaccination of their children, but if the child can move on and his consent is sufficient for vaccination, drive the car. How can you reconcile with the fact that you have to be a certain age to drive or buy liquor? “He said in an interview.

On May 5, Health Canada approved the use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 12 to 15 years, making it the first COVID-19 vaccine approved in Canada for use in children. In Toronto, young people in this age group do not need parental or guardian permission to be vaccinated, but in other parts of Ontario, consent is required.

The United States has also approved a Pfizer vaccine for children over the age of 12, but the issue is still under deliberation in other jurisdictions, including Europe and Israel. Jork Dotch, president of the German Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, opposes rushing the urgent approval of children.

“It is always very important to vaccinate or administer a child only if there is a direct benefit to the child or adolescent.” Dötsch told Deutche Welle. “The hurdles are high,” he added, “because this is a vulnerable group and you can’t always speak or make decisions on your own.”

In Israel, about 100 doctors in an open letter called on the government to wait until more information about the effects of the vaccine was given before giving the vaccine to children. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention is now after receiving the vaccine. We are investigating several cases of teenagers with heart problems.

Giesbrecht keeps teens from holding the steering wheel, but allowing authorities to attend clinics for abortion and gender changes has been banned by authorities from “blockage protests” or “church.” ..

“People on the left side of the discussion are very pleased that they are getting younger and younger because of what they may want. [consider] Hopefully, whatever the reason they don’t like it, their age remains the same. “

BC family lawyer Carrie Linde has issued a court order to stop a 17-year-old man from undergoing both breast resections, which was scheduled to take place just days after his 17-year-old mother learned of it. He says he was able to get it, but he couldn’t prevent another teen from receiving testosterone treatment against his father’s wishes.

“Schools can advise children about sex change and keep it secret from their parents,” Linde told the Epoch Times. “The problem is something, without worrying about parental consent. Is physically done to the child. “

According to Linde, British courts have already ruled that teens cannot give such consent. In the Bell v. Tavistock case, the court ruled in December 2020 that no one under the age of 16 was eligible to agree to treatment for adolescent inhibitors.

British Columbia-based custody group Culture Guard Cali Simpson said fertility and cosmetic changes made through cross-gender intervention violate British Columbia’s Infant Law.

Simpson provided the Epoch Times with a letter dated March 8, 1993, and received it from then-Prime Minister Mike Harcourt.

Harcourt said, “As the court has decided, minors cannot agree on procedures that are not in their own interest, such as cosmetic surgery or sterilization. Similarly, minors cannot use chemotherapy or prevention. You cannot refuse the best treatment for you, such as inoculation.

“It is not the government’s intention to exclude parents from consultation when minors are being treated,” he wrote. “”[T]The exclusive consent of a minor to treatment is that if the minor achieves sufficient maturity to live away from the parent’s home, or a competent minor is healthy to claim confidentiality. Sufficient only if you cannot provide. “

Giesbrecht states that important decisions should not be left to minors.

“My kids certainly couldn’t give consent at the age of 12 or 13. No, I don’t believe they can at all. I’m going to have kids not kids Until then, I believe parents should definitely make basic decisions. “

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