Huawei P50 series confirmed to officially debut on July 29

Huawei P50


The Huawei P50 series, which failed to debut in the first half of the year due to the US 5G chip ban, has now finally confirmed the official release time after making a brief appearance at the Hongmeng event at the beginning of last month.The official announced today that the new machine of the series will be July 29arrival. The theme of the event is “Vientiane Rebirth”. If the content is not unexpected, it should still be launched around the camera system of the new machine (the huge rear camera module can already be seen from the official styling diagram).

According to the company’s consumer business bossYu ChengdongAccording to the statement, this time Huawei will release a “first-of-its-kind brand-new mobile imaging technology.” It allows Huawei to “surpass itself once again in the imaging field” and represents “a new generation of moving imaging sets sail.” Considering that Huawei has indeed accumulated a lot of achievements in this area in recent years, the shooting performance of the new camera is indeed exciting. However, the suppression in the United States has so far not meant to relax. How much can the production volume of the P50 series reach? Can the development of the flagship Huawei mobile phone continue after it? These are serious issues facing Huawei.

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