Huawei’s smart selection platform has launched a Cyrus SF5 extended-range electric SUV

SERES SF5 Huawei

SERES SF5 Huawei

Huawei has said that it “does not know how to build cars,” but selling cars is obviously negotiable.Today on their smart selection platform, they put up a model produced by Dongfeng XiaokangCyrus SF5 Extended-range electric SUV. The reason why Huawei will sell this car is mainly because SF5 integrates Huawei’s DriveOne electric drive system, HiCar vehicle system and Huawei Sound audio solution. Among them, DriveOne integrates a motor controller, a motor, and a reducer, with a density of 3kW/kg, an NEDC efficiency of 88% and an “ultra-quiet” driving experience of 78dB.

HiCar, on the other hand, can realize the so-called “Smart Interconnection of People, Cars and Homes”. The newer Huawei mobile phones can be connected to the vehicle in a “senseless second”, transferring navigation, music and other operations to the large screen in the car, and can also use voice Perform various operations. In addition, HiCar can also remotely control IoT devices that support Huawei’s Hilink protocol, and things like turning on the home air conditioner in the car can be done. The last Huawei Sound is a car stereo surround system composed of 11 audio units, including 4 trebles, 2 symmetrical heavy bass, 4 mid-bass and 1 center full-range unit.

As for other aspects, the NEDC mileage of the SF5 battery part is 180 kilometers, and the combined mileage can exceed 1,000 kilometers if the fuel tank is added. It will provide dual-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions with a power of up to 405kW, a peak torque of 820Nm, and an acceleration time from 100 kilometers to 4.68 seconds. The SF5’s body is also equipped with hardware such as millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar, surround view camera, and high-sensitivity camera, which can realize Level 2 automatic driving assistance functions.But now when it comes to self-driving technology, what everyone is more concerned about now is how the BAIC Polar Fox, which has Huawei’s Inside solution, can perform in the real world (the currentTest videoIt’s already quite amazing).

The two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions of Cyrus SF5 are priced at 21.68 yuan and 24.68 yuan respectively, and will start accepting pre-orders at Huawei Mall, Huawei offline experience store, Cyrus Experience Center and Cyrus app from April 21. The official delivery is expected to begin in May.

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