Huge sandstorms swirl over Europe, including the Pyrenees

Snowboarder Sam Estebe cut through dusty snow and left a bright white path at the Pierwengarly Ski Station in the Pyrenees, France, on March 15, 2022. (Screenshot via Sam Esteve / UGC / AP / Epoch Times)

As snowboarders and skiers carved paths through unusual landscapes on Wednesday, European sandstorms turned the normally shimmering snowy slopes of the Pyrenees into a subdued brown.

Storms from the Sahara Desert also made breathing difficult for two consecutive days in most parts of Spain.

Many Europeans have awakened to the eerie sky caused by small particles that have traveled thousands of kilometers through the Mediterranean, from the dirty grays of Madrid to the oranges of the Swiss Alps.

The European Union’s Copernicus air monitoring service said it is tracking large amounts of dust that has degraded air quality in most of Spain, Portugal and France.

Associated Press