Human Garbage Found on Mars — But NASA’s Description Leaves Unanswered Questions


Human trash was found on Mars, which is embarrassing, but at least not a cigarette butt.

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover “Surprise” finds Wednesday, On June 15th, I shared a photo showing what looks like a square of aluminum foil sandwiched between rocks.

Scientists believe they know what it is, but they are still discussing how it got there.

“My team discovered something unexpected. It was part of a thermal blanket they suspected to have come from my descent stage and calmed me down last year’s landing day. It is a rocket propulsion jet pack. ” NASA writes on Facebook.

“It’s amazing to find this here as my descent stage crashed about 2km (1.2 miles) away. Did this piece land here afterwards, or was it blown away by the wind? mosquito?”

If NASA wanted the theory, they definitely asked the wrong crowd.

Social media commenters are almost scared that humans are contaminating planets that we have never visited physically.Some blamed the agency for being sloppy, but some pranksters claimed them. Discover NASA trash With pictures of other Mars, including the Big Gulp Cup.

“NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover — Clean up after yourself. I hope you’re going to pick up your mess.” Christopher Hughes I wrote it on the agency’s Facebook page.

“How to physically contaminate one place (without it): it’s another level.” Michelags Mini I posted.

“I don’t think it’s going to be long before we can see soda bottles, abandoned fast food packaging, and plastic trash on Mars. To start cleaning up, we need to send a robot with a broom. maybe.” Michael Harris Said.

Several commentators have come to NASA’s defense, pointing out that it could cost millions of dollars to pick up our trash on Mars.

“Just because humans hate debris and debris doesn’t mean that Martians hate it. We don’t know anything about them. They pollute for everything we know. I was able to eat. “ David Savage I wrote on Facebook.

It’s not clear if NASA knew that the thermal blanket had fallen off during the descent.Reflective material is with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Wrapped around a spaceship To regulate the temperature, the agency says.

Perseverance Rover Rover Lands Mars in February 2021 “Look for signs of ancient life, collect samples of broken rocks and soil, and explore the possibility of returning to Earth.”

Slithering layer at the bottom of the Martian impact crater. what are they?

The NASA team created it to study strange objects floating in the sky, but don’t call them UFOs.

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