Human rights experts publish a disgusting report on the killing of African-American police

& Lt; p & gt; People protested outside the county building on April 19, 2021 during a trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota & lt; / p & gt; (Getty) AFP via Images)

On April 19, 2021, people protested outside the courthouse during a trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Police killed and injured blacks, according to a new report by human rights experts We It is a crime against humanity that should be investigated under international law.

188-page reportSeeing human rights experts in 11 countries assess violence against blacks in the United States, their findings in many cases justify an investigation by the International Criminal Court.

“Commissioners find a disturbing, national pattern of the disproportionate use of deadly forces on Africans by taser guns as well as firearms,” ​​the report says.

“Many blacks are killed in the daytime to threaten the community and for officers not to be afraid of accountability.”

The report states that experts “freedom from life, security, torture, freedom from discrimination, mental health, access to relief for violations, presumption of fair trial and innocence, and infringement of the right to be treated with humanity and respect. We conclude that we have found. .. “

According to experts, the assessment of many cases is “murder, serious deprivation of physical freedom, torture, persecution of Africans, and other inhumane acts”.

“In the cases they investigated, the Commission found that the disproportionate use of excessive force by police led to the deaths of 43 blacks in the cases they investigated,” the report reads.

They conclude a prima facie case of crimes against humanity and urge the International Criminal Court’s public prosecutor’s office to begin investigating their findings.

“The discovery of crimes against humanity was not underestimated. We included it with a very clear mind,” said Hinajirani, one of the twelve members who led the investigation. Said Parent.

“We have investigated all the facts and concluded that there is a situation in the United States calling for an urgent scrutiny of the ICC.”

The investigative committee consisted of prominent human rights experts from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

“There are 12 members, including prominent judges, lawyers, professors, advocates, and the UN Special Rapporteur,” the report said.

Evaluation, first reportedParentsFollowing the anxiety of the citizens who struck the United States following the murder of George Floyd May 2020.

In addition to their findings, the commissioner also says that cisgender and transgender black women, girls, and women have been disproportionately killed by US police.

They have accused the United States of excessive use of force by police, alleging that the case investigated led to the deaths of 43 blacks.

“I was surprised that the country itself, which claims to be a global advocate of human rights, does not comply with international law,” Gjilani told the newspaper.

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