Human Rights Watch says family of victims of flight 752 threatened and harassed by Iran

Ottawa-Human rights groups say in a new report that Iran has harassed the families of passengers killed on Ukraine International Airlines flight 752.

Human Rights Watch said it spoke with the families of 31 victims from last fall to January with “people with direct knowledge” about how Iranian authorities treated relatives. ..

A total of 176 people were killed when an Iranian surface-to-air missile shot down a jet airliner to Kiev after taking off from Teheran on January 8, 2020.

Among the dead were 55 Canadians and 30 permanent residents.

Human Rights Watch says Iranian security agencies have said they have abused victims’ families through arbitrary detention, cross-examination and intimidation.

Sixteen reported security officials said they had threatened not to talk to foreign media and tracked relatives and friends who attended the monument.

“The family said authorities had blocked burials and memorial services, pressured them to accept the government’s” martyrdom “status for their loved ones, and released photos and videos on the service without family permission. “. ..

One detained person was also tortured, the report said, and in at least three cases, families were said to face “results” if they did not remove important social media posts to the government. It was.

Flight suspensions occurred after the United States killed senior Iranian military officials and heightened tensions in the region.

Iran initially denied responsibility for the plane crash, but said it was later misidentified as a hostile target and was shot down after being made a “human error.”

Canada is preparing to negotiate a repatriation with Iran.

The Ontario High Court ruled last week that jet shooting was a terrorist act, paving the way for relatives to seek compensation from Iran.

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