Human trafficking, modern slavery.Booming global business

UNICEF report “Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery” is the second largest criminal industry in the world, earning over $32 billion annually. Hundreds of thousands of people are crossing the open border between the United States and Mexico. Children are abandoned, used as drug traffickers, and trafficked. In China, religious minorities are imprisoned, tortured, forced into forced labour, and organ robbed at a frightening pace. And in Africa, home of the first transatlantic slave trade, the business of child labor and organ harvesting, including babies, is booming.

this is Human Trafficking Prevention Month America, the country that fought to abolish slavery. what are we doing now to stop it?journalist Todd Bensman, Kay LubasekWhen Eric Caron Join NTD host Steve Lance to discuss this pervasive but rarely noticed issue: the human rights violations that occur in the modern slave trade.

If you have children who may be at risk, the following resources may help. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.