Humane Society takes 28 dogs out of a “disastrous situation” at a breeder’s home in Idaho

On Wednesday morning, the Idaho Humane Society and the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office took 28 dogs out of the breeder’s house after finding an animal in a “disastrous situation,” according to a Humane Society news release.

According to officials, all 28 dogs were Yorkshire terriers that were raised and sold out in a small town, Oasis, north of the Mountain Home. The breeder sold the dog under the trade name Diane’s Yorkies of Oasis.

In a news release, Idaho Humane Society CEO and veterinarian Jeff Rosenthal said the dog was very matte and had cheat glasses and feces on its fur.

“This case is particularly troublesome because this unsanitary facility is actively committed to selling these animals to the public,” Rosenthal said.

The Humane Society provided veterinary care to animals, including one cat, on site, and then transported the animals to a facility where staff continued to care.

Officials said dog breeders like Oasis do not need to be licensed by the US Department of Agriculture. The breeder reportedly did not have a kennel license. This is required if there are at least 7 pets on site in Elmore County.

“Because there are no restrictions on animal welfare standards or routine inspection requirements, infamous breeders can escape by ignoring their dogs for the benefit,” Rosenthal said.

It is not yet clear whether dog owners will be charged with animal cruelty. The Humane Society said the next step in the case would be with the Elmore County Prosecutor’s Office and law enforcement agencies.

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