Humanitarian funds can be sent to Afghanistan without violating sanctions against the Taliban: US Treasury

The US Treasury has told international banks and aid organizations that it is allowed to send money to Afghanistan for humanitarian purposes without violating sanctions against the Taliban.

of Guidance issued on WednesdayOfficials said banks can handle transactions used to provide humanitarian aid.

“We can pay or pay salaries directly to health care workers, such as doctors in public hospitals and health care workers in community clinics,” the NGO added.

The department also endorsed the involvement of the Taliban and the Haqqani network. Terrorist organization It was then blacklisted by the United States to facilitate such transactions and coordinate humanitarian aid.

“Similarly, NGOs provide such salary support or pay directly to teachers, including teachers in public and private schools in Afghanistan, even to the extent that doing so involves dealing with the Taliban and / or the Haqqani network. You can, “said officials.

“In addition, payments or permits, licenses, purchases or receipts of utilities services, directly or indirectly, to the Taliban, Haqqani Network, or any entity owned by the Taliban or Haqqani Network, 50. More than% interest is allowed … if it is a normal case and necessary for the activity … “

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan last year, and Washington ordered the US assets to freeze immediately, banning Americans from handling them out of the hands of the group.

Extremist Islamic groups initially vowed to run the country more calmly than they did when they last came to power 20 years ago, but with the death penalty, arrest, detention and intimidation between education and social welfare in Afghanistan. In the report, Afghanistan and the international community are on the verge of collapse, skeptical of such claims.

Meanwhile, the country is facing a massive famine, The UN Secretary-General said Almost half of Afghanistan’s population (18 million) needs urgent humanitarian assistance to survive.

However, as international banks continue to be wary of promoting such transactions, the United Nations and aid groups are struggling to put money into the country to help mitigate the crisis.

However, earlier this month, the White House announced that it would send more than $ 308 million to the country, keeping in mind that the United States will continue to be the largest donor of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

This aid is distributed through an independent humanitarian group by the United States Agency for International Development, “Protection and evacuation to meet growing humanitarian needs, essential medical care, cold protection, emergency food aid, water, sanitation, sanitation. Services include COVID-19 and medical shortages, droughts, malnutrition, and winter seasons, “said officials.

According to Emily Horn, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, this amount will bring the total amount of U.S. humanitarian aid to Afghan refugees in and around Afghanistan to nearly $ 782 million since October 2021. It will be.

Catabella Roberts


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