Hundreds march in downtown Toronto to protest vaccination passport obligations

Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Toronto on Saturday to oppose the vaccine obligations deployed in Ontario this week.

The crowd left Queen’s Park and marched downtown to protest the new immunity passport issued by Ontario Premier Doug Ford on September 1. People must provide vaccination proof along with photo ID to access non-essential services From September 22nd, restaurants, bars, gyms and other indoor facilities.

Some protesters put up signs stating “Protect and protect Canada’s constitutional rights and freedoms” and “Reject mandatory vaccination tyranny,” and many protesters said ” No wax pass. “

David McClellan, a retired professor at the University of Toronto, said protesters were united in opposition to the blockade of COVID-19 and the erosion of liberty in the Alliance to Protect Human Freedom. Said there is.

“”Me believe that NS reason for [vaccine passports] teeth simply NS introduction NS Surveillance state When many more social Control — Introducing a surveillance society or surveillance protocol to allow the government to know where you are at any time, “McClelland told The Epoch Times.

“”three Have got in the meantime Large scale demonstration Against vaccination passport of town all Use Europe repetition, yet I have in fact number coverage NS NS Mainstream media. You look NS same same thing go on of Australia However They are Basic Called Thug When “Hooligan,” he added.

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Retired medical laboratory technician Lorraine Waller attended a rally in Toronto on September 4, 2021 and protested the vaccine passport. (Andrew Chen / The Epoch Times)

Retired medical laboratory technician Lorraine Waller said she attended the rally to help people who “have to take substances that they find dangerous.”

“For those who have to work to ingest toxic substances or lose their jobs and have a head, it’s very wrong in our free country. I protest the government’s way. I’m here to do it, “she says. Said.

The Canadian Medical Association and the Ontario Medical Association issued a joint statement on September 3, stating: Required medical environment and demoralized health care workers. “

Waller said she disagrees with this view.

“I don’t think they have a complete picture of what’s really happening,” she said. “Hundreds of nurses quit their jobs Wednesday afternoon to protest the passports and obligations brought to them.”

NS Canada’s forefront nurseThe Freedom of Health Advocacy Group organized a “Global Strike” for Freedom of Health outside Vancouver General Hospital on September 1st, attracting thousands of protesters.

Dominique, who worked in the manufacturing industry and participated in the Toronto protest, needs to take more shots in the future, in addition to the two currently needed, noting the Israeli government’s announcement this week. A third vaccination is required to be considered fully vaccinated, stating that there is concern.

“I don’t know where this goes, so I don’t know how far it goes, so it’s better to stand up now,” he said, adding that the vaccination obligation “is creating a two-tiered society.”

Protests have taken place in many cities over the past few weeks as several states have deployed vaccination passport systems.more demonstration Plans for September 5th and 11th in Montreal are listed on the Quebec Debout (Standup Quebec) Facebook page.

“The COVID-19 vaccine certificate gives us the best chance to slow the spread of the virus and at the same time help avoid further blockades,” Ford said in a statement.

Andrew Chen

Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.