Hundreds of Australian job seekers report on compliance and behavior

Just weeks after opening the Employer Reporting Hotline, Services Australia wastes employers’ time by submitting applications for inappropriate jobs, skipping interviews or refusing to work. He said he was investigating hundreds of unemployed people.

Stuart Roberts Minister of Employment Said in the media release It was disappointing that more than 300 people from an estimated 110 employers were killed through the hotline on Friday. An additional 240 are under investigation or have been penalized for their actions.

“After all, Australians expect everyone who can work to get a job, and some of the stories that come out of the employer reporting line are frankly unacceptable. “Robert said.

“Sydney restaurants have reported a number of inappropriate job listings, with some applicants refusing to attend the interview. A Victorian veterinarian has been registered in Australia. We have also received reports that more than 12 people falsely answered “yes” to the veterinarian? It’s a waste of valuable time for small business owners. “

Roberts sees people wasting the time of small business owners as hundreds of businesses across the country scream for workers and thousands of Victorians fight to get back to work. He said it was difficult to do.

According to Roberts, the main reasons employers report individuals were improper application submissions, non-participation in interviews, and turnover from proper employment.

Under the Morrison administration’s unemployment insurance system, unemployed job seekers are required to apply for at least 15 jobs each week to receive payment. Those who are fooled through the hotline can stop paying for welfare.

The penalties system has been criticized by the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union (AUWU). Told ABC In April, the provision could be used to punish unemployed people who refused jobs they felt inappropriate.

AUWU spokeswoman Kristin O’Connell said, “This line looks like a little PR effort to keep the government villainous for the unemployed.

“The government demands that people apply for jobs that may not be suitable and will punish them if they are unable to do so.”

Liberal MP Warren Entsch said: Sydney Morning Herald and the times He had no problems with the hotline requirements, as his far-northern Queensland voter employer regularly encountered volunteers who really didn’t want to work.

“I’m always dissatisfied when people come to an interview in improperly dressed and are very negative and very blatantly telling future employers that they really don’t want to do the job,” he said. Told.

Roberts said his message to the company was to call the Employer Reporting Line at 1300 361 241 or send an email to [email protected] if they were confused. ..