Hundreds of Jewish supremeists chanting “death to the Arabs” as tensions boil in the clashes of Jerusalem

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On April 22, 2021, when members of the Israeli security forces were deployed in a clash with Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem, people fled the tear gas container. Photo by AHM ADGHARABLI / AFP via Getty Images

  • A group of far-right Jewish militants clashed with an Arab crowd in Jerusalem Thursday night.

  • Rehaba, a member of the Supremeist group, chanted “Death of the Arabs” as he marched towards the Old Town.

  • Police were able to separate the two crowds, Jerusalem Post Cases of violence and arrest are still reported.

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A planned protest between the far-right Jewish militants and the Arab crowd escalated in the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday night and early Friday morning as tensions in Jerusalem increased.

The head of the Jewish supreme group Lehava announced on Wednesday that the activists would march from Zion Square to the Damascus Gate on Thursday to protest recent violence against Jews. Filmed assault Upload to TikTok, According to The Times of Israel.

Members of a group opposed to the assimilation and coexistence of Jews and non-Jews were organized in the messaging app WhatsApp and planned to bring in weapons, Outlet said. According to The Times of Israel, a news site in Mynet Jerusalem reported that members of Rehaba were told to attack as many Arabs as possible.

In addition to increased anti-Semitic violence, increased attacks on Arabs, including young Jews, have been reported in the city. Throw stones into the car, chanting “death to the Arabs”.

Hundreds of Jewish militants chanted “death to the Arabs” when Israeli police deployed Thursday night and attempted to keep Rehaba’s demonstrators away from a crowd of rebels gathered at the Damascus Gate. .. According to Haaretz.

Authorities also worked to prevent clashes between Israelis and members of Rehaba who came to protest the march, the outlet reported.

Jerusalem Post Police reported successfully diverting a crowd of Rehaba protesters and Arabs in various directions in the city after two short meetings at the Damascus Gate that caused dumpling fire, bottle throwing, and rock throwing incidents. did.

According to the outlet, young Arabs set fireworks near the Damascus Gate, calling them “Arafakbar”, and members of Rehaba put up a sign saying “Death to terrorists” and “Death to Arabs”. “Revenge” was chanted.

Police reportedly used stun grenades to dismantle the violence and continued security checks in the area all night.

Haaretz reported various injuries and arrests, including the arrest of a Palestinian woman allegedly beaten by a Jewish man and four Palestinians accused of attacking passers-by.

According to Haaretz, the humanitarian organization Palestine Red Crescent has reported 25 injuries so far.

Violence occurs in nightly clashes and battles between Palestinians and Israelis during Ramadan in the city. Reuters reported. Palestinians have reportedly clashed with authorities over a dispute over a night rally at the Damascus Gate after a daily fast was interrupted during the holy month of Islam.

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