Hundreds of people evacuated when bright red lava threatens homes on La Palma, Spain

La Palma, Spain — On Tuesday, more than 700 residents were ordered to abandon their homes as bright red lava advanced toward their neighborhood on La Palma, Spain.

When the melted magma river flows down from Cumbre Vieja volcano in the northeastern Canary Islands, authorities take homes and pets to 700 to 800 residents of La Laguna, according to the Canary Islands Volcano Emergency Program (Pevolka). I ordered you to leave.

Enrique, a 50-year-old Spanish homeowner, told Reuters, “We live in that house and we can’t collect it in five minutes for more than 30 years, so we want to receive some paperwork.” rice field.

Authorities instructed homeowners to collect things until 18:00 GMT.

“We are obliged to evacuate from the new area. Lava is moving slowly,” said Miguel Angel Morcuende, Technical Director of Pevolca.

According to the Spanish National Institute of Geology, there were 64 earthquakes on Tuesday, the strongest being 4.1.

La Palma Airport remained open, but 11 flights were canceled on Tuesday and other flights were delayed, airport operator AENA said.

At the beginning of Tuesday, authorities lifted the blockade ordered by the smoke clouds of the two villages caused by the eruption, allowing more than 3,000 residents to leave.

Lava erupting from the volcano swallowed the cement factory on Monday, raising a cloud of smoke and urging authorities to instruct people in the area to stay home.

According to officials, the lava from the eruption that began on September 19 generated a total of nearly 600 hectares of waste.

After the partial collapse of the volcanic cone on Saturday, a new river of lava flowed into the sea, devouring most of the remaining homes in the banana and avocado plantations and the town of Todoke.

According to the Canary Islands Volcano Research Institute, three weeks after the eruption, a torrent of lava destroyed 1,186 buildings and forced about 6,700 people to evacuate.

By Bart Biesemans and Silvio Castellanos