Hundreds of people have been stuck in I-95, Virginia for more than 12 hours and are short of fuel, food and water in frigid conditions.

View of cars and trucks caught in traffic on the I-95 highway at night.

Truck driver Matthew Merchand said he has traveled about 20 miles in the last 15 hours.Matthew Merchand

  • Hundreds of I-95 drivers in northern Virginia are stuck in the snow for hours.

  • The driver told the insider that he was running out of fuel for heating and had no food or water.

  • Some have been stuck on the road for over 12 hours and have not yet been contacted by the authorities.

Drivers in northern Virginia are stuck on Interstate 95 for hours on Monday night after six tractor trailers and multiple windthrows have stopped traffic.

1-95 both north and south lanes Blocked Near Fredericksburg, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Many people who are stagnant say they are short of fuel for heating and have no food or water.

Virginia covered with more than 14 inches of snow, 400,000 inhabitants without electricity..

“It’s snowing everywhere. We need to keep the heat,” driver Kiran Bose, who heads to Richmond with the other four, told insiders. “I’m a quarter tank from the end.”

His car hasn’t moved for four hours as of 1:30 am local time, and a recent 24-year-old graduate said that what was supposed to be a five-hour drive turned into a 12-hour trial in frigid weather. Told.

“Everyone is on the same boat. Most of them were out of the car, but they couldn’t stand the cold,” Bose said. Fredericksburg’s temperature on Tuesday at 4 am (Eastern Standard Time) is 16 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Accuweather..

According to Bose, the nearest gas station is 3-4 miles away. “It’s a nightmare. We can’t walk in the snow. The roads are frozen and slippery.”

According to Virginia police, the collision of six trailers occurred around noon on Monday. NBC4 news. The semi-truck is secured with a jackknife across the road.

Since then, Virginia Department of Transportation crew members have been working overnight to plow roads and mitigate traffic, according to the ministry. Twitter account. VDOT did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

Truck driver Matthew Merchand told insiders that he had a dead end since 6:45 pm, but had already noticed that traffic was slowing down by noon. Overall, he said he had traveled 20 miles in 15 hours.

“The road isn’t cultivated in a noticeable way. There’s still a section of the road with half a foot of snow left,” said the 36-year-old.

Neither he nor Bose says they have not been contacted by the authorities regarding the incoming aid.

During the day, I-95 snow-covered trucks and cars are caught in traffic.

By noon, Merchand said he had begun to notice that traffic was slowing down to crawl.Matthew Merchand

Merchand, who has ample fuel, food and water for trucks in case of a winter driving emergency, said he shared some of the supplies with nearby drivers. When he traveled all over the United States, he said he had never seen people stuck without supplies on snow-covered highways for a long time.

“The roads will be closed. I drive in northern Canada and the roads will be closed for a day or two, but people know what the reality is, so they are prepared for it,” says Merchand. I did.

“People driving the I-95 do not expect the I-95 to shut down for more than 14 or 15 hours.”

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