Hundreds of Swiss women went to the streets after the court shortened the prison time for convicted rape criminals after the assault lasted only 11 minutes.


At a demonstration in Brussels on November 24, 2019, a group of women have a large placard with a feminist message during a demonstration to stop violence against women.
  • Hundreds of people appeared on the streets of Basel, Switzerland, after the court ruled the rapist.

  • The judge said she reduced her judgment because the assault was “only” 11 minutes.

  • The judiciary also said the victims were not seriously injured and “played with fire.”

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Hundreds of Swiss protesters appeared on the streets of Basel on Sunday after a court ruled a rapist last month for sexual assault lasting only 11 minutes and the victim was not seriously injured. Was reported.

In February 2020, after going to a nightclub in an apartment in Basel, northwestern Switzerland, he was raped by a 33-year-old Portuguese man and a 17-year-old companion. The 33-year-old boy was convicted of rape in August, but a teenager is still awaiting a juvenile court decision.

Court Justice Liselotte Henz has chosen to reduce the rape criminal’s sentence from four years and three months to three years.Defendants may be released on Wednesday at the earliest, according to Swiss media sites 20 Minuten.

According to 20 Minuten, the victims were “playing with fire” and giving “specific cues,” Hentz said. According to the outlet, Judge Hentz mentioned how the victim apparently made up with another man at a nightclub before the attack.

Protesters marching in front of the Swiss Court of Appeals in Basel put up a sign saying “11 minutes is 11 minutes too much!”.

The judge went on to say that the criminal was in “moderate” negligence in the case.

The commuted sentence has been widely criticized.

Frauenstreik Basel“The decision to use violence against a person’s will always depends only on the perpetrator,” said Basel’s feminist organization, “whether or not the rape lasts 11 minutes or hours.” , Added that it is “humiliating” and “violent”. “”

Marcel Colombe, Vice President of the Social Democratic Party of Basel, Tweet The rape criminal’s decision was already short in the first place, and the reduction in prison time sent the wrong message to victims of sexual abuse.

“The four-year sentence was already mild, but now it is unbearable to imply that a woman has colluded for her actions against someone who is not involved in the crime. All victims of sexual violence. What a sign for him, “he wrote.

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