Hundreds of Taiwanese have been handed over to China, the report said.


China flag photo

Beijing argued that Taiwanese suspects in some foreign cases should be handed over to China because the victims included mainland China.

More than 600 Taiwanese arrested abroad have been deported to China in recent years, according to a new report by human rights groups.

Safeguard Defenders states that this practice was “used as a tool to undermine Taiwan’s sovereignty.”

Taiwan, an independent country, has long argued that Taiwanese arrested abroad should be sent back to the island.

However, Beijing considers Taiwan as a separate state that is part of China.

Safeguard Defender said Deportation gathered from media reports between 2016 and 2019 was “used to strengthen Beijing’s influence abroad” and accused China of “hunting down” these Taiwanese. ..

A Spanish-based group noted that Taiwanese sent to China “have no roots or family” and warned that they were at risk of persecution and serious human rights abuses.

It claimed that some countries violated international human rights law by following a delivery treaty with Beijing, and elected Spain and Kenya by handing over the most Taiwanese to China.

China has insisted in the past that Taiwanese suspects should be handed over to China because the victims included mainland China.

No information was provided in the report on the fate of the Taiwanese handed over to China, but the group said at least two had publicly apologized on Chinese television.

The 2016 incident in Kenya was also highlighted. There, authorities upheld the decision to send a group of Chinese and Taiwanese (some of whom were acquitted) to China because African countries lack diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

In 2017, Taiwan tried several negotiations with Cambodian authorities and canceled the delivery of a group of Taiwanese to China, but failed.

In response to the latest report, the Taiwanese government said China “has no jurisdiction” over Taiwanese arrested or convicted abroad, and Beijing aims to “show sovereignty over Taiwan.” Was quoted by AFP.

“We again urge the Chinese side that the fight against crime should not involve politics, and both law enforcement forces work together on an existing basis to effectively fight crime and protest the public welfare. I hope to continue to do so. “

China has not yet responded.

Under the “One China” policy, Beijing argued that any country wishing to have diplomatic relations with China must first break its official ties with Taiwan. This made Taiwan diplomatically isolated from the international community.