Hungary plans to ban “promotion” of homosexuality under the age of 18

Budapest, Hungary — The Hungarian Conservative Party has created a new law prohibiting the display of pornographic material of any kind, or content that encourages gender changes or homosexuality to people under the age of 18.

The party explains the new law as part of its efforts to protect children from pedophilia. However, LGBT rights activists have accused the bill of being discriminatory and have compared it to the 2013 Russian law banning homosexual “propaganda.” Human rights groups describe Russian law as a means of discrimination and harassment.

Fides, the ruling party of Prime Minister Orban, submitted an amendment to the Hungarian parliament on Thursday. They will be debated on Monday and will face a vote on Tuesday.

Fides has a majority in parliament and the bill is expected to be easily approved.

The law makes pornographic content available to all under the age of 18, and “content that portrays sexuality for itself, or deviates from the gender, gender reassignment, or homosexual identity of birth. “Content to be promoted or displayed” is prohibited.

This also applies to advertising.

ILGA-Europe, an organization under the umbrella of hundreds of LGBT rights groups in Europe and Asia based in Brussels, has blamed the amendment and has launched a series of legislation by Fides on LGBT “human rights and fundamental freedoms.” The next stage of the attack. ” Man.

“They also violate the right to freedom of expression and the right to education of all Hungarians,” the group said.

Gabriella Sermetch, a member of Fides, one of the people who introduced the legislation, denied that it was discriminatory or anti-liberal.

“True liberalism means that children are left behind with questions about their sexual orientation until the age of 18,” she said.

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