Hunter Biden challenges Trump’s children to try to “get a job” without using Trump’s name

Hunter biden
  • Hunter Biden rekindled the feud with Trump’s children and called on them to become rich on Trump’s dime.

  • In his memoirs, Biden says Trump’s children can never get a job outside of Trump’s business.

  • Don Jr. and Biden were previously intertwined about who benefited more from their father’s official duties.

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Hunter Biden rekindled a long-standing feud with Trump’s children and called for “to (enjoy) the benefits of their family name.”

In his new memoir, “Beautiful Things,” Biden calls on Trump’s children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, for not being able to get a job other than their father’s job.

“I’ve worked for someone other than my dad, and I got up and down myself,” Biden wrote.

He admitted that his surname was a “coveted qualification,” but suggested that millions of former presidents’ children were homebrew, not the benefit of naming the Trump family. I accused him of doing so.

“Do you think any of Trump’s kids have tried to get a job outside of his father’s job and his name isn’t reflected in the calculations? My response is always to make my achievements self-reliant. It was to work hard, “Biden said.

Biden was the middle child of President Joe Biden and was the main target of the Trump family for the 2020 elections. He, above all Benefit from shaded Chinese investment Have Suspicious relationship with Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings..

Biden ever since Eliminates cheating.

He said it recently He was “unaware” that his work with Brisma would be a political burden carried by his BBC interviewBiden added that Biden considers his name “gold” and that Biden’s name is both “privilege and burden” and “opens a door that cannot be opened to others.”

Don Jr. and Biden had previously argued over who would have benefited more from the official duties of their famous father.

March 2020, Don Jr. Tweet He wanted Biden to “man up” and “debate”.

“Before my dad went into politics, I was an international businessman. I didn’t benefit from the office where my dad’s taxpayers funded,” Don Jr. said in a television interview. Axios..

“I can talk about all the places I think I’m sick of, but Hunter Biden isn’t … Let’s talk about who benefited from which public service. I’m happy to do that. Let’s do it, “he added.

Eric Trump also joined the fight, Comments on Fox News Hunter Biden said, “I was enriching myself from the standpoint of my father.”

“Why do all families go into politics and enrich themselves? It makes me sick,” said Eric Trump.

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