Hunter Biden’s emails reportedly show he can’t pay bills, including his assistant’s full salary and a $1,700 Porsche payment

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  • Hunter Biden struggled to pay taxes and bills in 2018 and 2019, according to emails seen by CNN.

  • An automated email from Wells Fargo showed that one of his accounts was short of payment to Porsche by $1,700.

  • “Pay for healthcare. Pay for Porsche,” Biden wrote in an email to his assistant, CNN reported.

Hunter Biden struggled to pay taxes and bills in 2018 and 2019. Emails reviewed by CNN revealed Federal prosecutors are investigating President Joe Biden’s son for possible tax violations and other crimes.

CNN’s report references a 2018 email from Hunter Biden’s assistant, asking what to do about health insurance, Porsche payments, and paying her own salary.

“Pay for healthcare. Pay for Porsche,” Biden replied, according to CNN, and Biden should pay herself half the salary she said she owed. said to her.

An automated Wells Fargo “shortage of funds” email from December 2018 stated that one of his accounts was $1,700 short of payments to Porsche.

In March 2019, his assistant pleaded with him to let her know if he had any new plans to pay about $370,000 in taxes and $120,000 in other bank debt, CNN reported.

The emails include several from his accountant, telling Biden that he’s behind on his tax payments.

Biden’s attorney told CNN that he paid off his IRS tax obligations and that Biden struggled with alcohol and drug addiction during that time.

CNN hired a cyber forensics expert to help authenticate emails traced back to a laptop found in a Delaware repair shop. Hunter Biden says he doesn’t know if the laptop belongs to him.

The report states that federal investigators measurable fee Relates to Hunter Biden’s business activities.

CNN reported that his father was not involved. Republicans say they step up their investigation If Biden wins control of the House in the midterm elections.

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