Huntington Beach man dies in Death Valley National Park due to lack of gas

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The latest death in Death Valley National Park was discovered second this month. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

A man at Huntington Beach was found dead in Death Valley National Park after running out of gas and appearing to walk for help during a dangerous heat wave, according to National Park Service officials. I did.

David Kelleher, 67, was found on Tuesday, about 30 feet from the highway in the park, within three miles of a parked vehicle. Statement from the park service.. Officials found a crumpled note in his car stating “out of gas.”

According to a statement, Park Ranger first encountered Kelleher on May 30, about two weeks before he was found dead, when he said he was out of gas on Dante’s View Road. Later, Kelleher was quoted in off-road driving.

Nine days after that interaction, the park ranger noticed Kelleher’s vehicle at many of Zabriskie Point, one of the park’s most popular perspectives.

Two days later, on June 11, the same ranger recognized Kelleher’s vehicle again alone during a heat wave that rose to 123 degrees Celsius, the statement said.

The Rangers have determined that the vehicle is registered with Kelleher, but he has not been reported missing.

Rangers began investigating and searched for Kelleher on the surrounding trails Zabriskie pointsThe search was restricted due to the heat, but the park service said.

Kelleher was not found near or along these explored trails, but three days later, it was discovered “hidden in the terrain and mesquite trees” by park visitors about 30 feet from highway 190. rice field.

According to the statement, he was about 2.5 miles north of the car, in the direction of Furnace Creek, the main village of the park with resources such as gas stations.

This is the second death found in Death Valley this month: 69-year-old John McCarry The dead on Long Beach was found on June 1st.

A search for another man, Peter Hartunian, is underway after park staff found a scrapped car at a Death Valley campsite in late May.

Park rangers recommend that people wait by the car for help in the extreme heat, rather than walking for help. Death Valley National Park is known as one of the hottest places on the planet.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..