Hurley, Tuberville receives a call from Trump while evacuating the Senate floor

D-Va at a hearing of the House Selection Committee on Thursday, January 6th. Elaine Luria said the Commission had determined that President Donald had attacked the Capitol after the Senate was evacuated on January 6, 2021. Trump called the senators and urged them to continue to postpone the voting college’s vote count. The president called on Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville and Senator Josh Hawley as seen in the security footage from the Senate.

Video transcript

Elaine Luria: What did President Trump do at that time during this turmoil? He called the senator and tried to further delay the number of elections. While the Vice President was evacuating from the Senate, President Trump called Senator Tommy Tabelville, one of his strongest supporters in the Senate. As Senator Tuberville later recalled, he had to end the call so he could evacuate himself from the Senate room. Let’s listen.

Tommy Tabelville: He called-I didn’t call, I called someone else, and they handed it to me. And I basically told him, I said, President, we’re not doing much work here right now because they just took out our Vice President. And in fact, I’m going to hang up on you, I have to leave.

Elaine Luria: Senator Josh Hawley also had to flee. That afternoon, before the joint session began, he walked in front of the Parliament building. As you can see in this photo, he raised his fist in solidarity with the protesters who had already gathered at the security gate.

We talked to a police officer in the Capitol that was there at the time. She told us that Senator Josh-Senator Holy’s gesture offended her crowd, and it made her because he was doing it in a safe space protected by officers and barriers. I was very annoyed. Later that day, Senator Holy fled after those protesters who helped him stand up attacked the Capitol. Look for yourself.