Hurricane Aida approaches the Gulf Coast


WDSU-New Orleans

Hurricane “Ida” is going to be a dangerous cat 4 storm

Hurricane Aida is projected to land in southeastern Louisiana as a major Category 4 hurricane on Sunday evening. Eda was fortified by a Category 1 hurricane and landed on Youth Island in Cuba earlier this afternoon. Ida is expected to continue moving northwest across the warm bay towards Louisiana. It will be Cat2 on Saturday evening and is expected to be Cat4’s major hurricane on Sunday morning. When Aida lands on Sunday evening, a sustained wind of 150 mph can occur. Life-threatening consequences can occur in our area. High tides of 7 to 11 feet are expected in coastal areas. Forecast of 5-7 feet of Lake Pontchartrain. A total of 8 to 16 inches of rainfall is possible in an isolated area of ​​up to 20 inches. Damage caused by gusts of 100 mph or more cannot be ruled out. Please use WDSU for the latest updates.