Hurricane Aida is approaching New Orleans, so there’s no time to evacuate, says the mayor


Residents of New Orleans need to be prepared to survive Hurricane Aida at home, as they do not have time to evacuate properly. Mayor LaToya Cantrell said on Friday..

Important reason: Hurricanes are projected to hit the coast of central Louisiana as a potentially catastrophic Category 4 storm.

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  • According to Cantrell, there is not enough time to establish the highway regurgitation procedure needed to evacuate all residents before Aida is expected to touch the land on Sunday afternoon.

  • “We are not seeking forced evacuation because time is not on our side. We are at greater risk because we do not want to put people on the road,” Cantrell said. rice field.

  • “The situation is much more serious than it was six hours ago.”

Big picture: Early in the day, the coastal communities outside the city’s embankment system, which protects against floods, Ordered to evacuate..

Dig deeper: Hurricane Aida hits the Gulf Coast as a Category 4 storm this weekend

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