Hurricane Ian Damaged Florida Mansion, ‘Queen of Versailles’ Star Tells TMZ


The so-called Palace of Versailles in Windermere, Florida, appears to have been damaged by Hurricane Ian.

Almost 100,000 square feet, the massive mansion that was the subject of the 2012 documentary film The Queen of Versailles is still under construction almost 20 years later.

Movie star and home owner Jackie Siegel lamented to TMZ what the storm did $10 million worth of damage.

The 56-year-old from New York provided photos of a broken ceiling and unsightly damage to 24K gold moldings, and said her backyard patio was completely flooded.

Her husband, socialite and timeshare billionaire David Siegel, purchased the lakefront property in 2003 and began construction a year later. Over-the-top behemoths were also talked about on Disney Plus.Queen of Versailles reigns

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Now it seems that monumental undertakings are once again on hold.

On Instagram, Siegel posted a story telling her nearly 80,000 followers that she and her family are “safe and sound.”

She has her share of fans who have sent her best wishes.

“I’m here to say sorry about Hurricane Ian! I’m sorry for this setback, you are such a lovely and positive person.”