Hurricane race hits the Gulf of Mexico, killing eight people


Veracruz, Mexico-The hurricane race struck the Gulf of Mexico as a Category 3 storm, moved inland on Saturday, and flooded coastal and inland areas with a second landing in two days. At least eight people have died, officials said.

The storm lost power while crossing the Yucatan Peninsula on Thursday and swirling Mexico’s major tourist destinations, but quickly powered from the relatively warm Gulf of Mexico before reaching the Mexican coast again at the end of Friday. I pulled out.

Mexico’s Governor of Veracruz, Quitrawak Garcia, said landslides and floods have killed at least eight people, including children, and left three missing. According to Garcia, the storm caused a power outage of 330,000 people, but it is gradually recovering.

According to the US National Hurricane Center, Grace struck a mountainous region in central Mexico east of the capital and disappeared in the middle of the afternoon, rapidly weakening into a tropical cyclone.

Hours before approaching the coast on Friday, Grace caused strong winds, high waves and rain in Tuspan, Possarica, Xalapa, the Veracruz community in Veracruz, and the coastal towns of Tabasco and Tamaulipas, according to the Mexican Meteorological Agency. ..

Fishermen pulled the boat out of the water and carried it into the harbor to prevent damage when the leading edge of the storm hit the shore. Merchants boarded the windows of their business to protect them.

The hurricane struck early Thursday near Tulum, a Yucatan resort town famous for its Mayan ruins. Some families had a disastrous time protecting themselves from cracks in the trees and scattering of debris.

Felix Marquez and Fabiola Sanchez

Associated Press