Hurricane rally headed to eastern Newfoundland where gusts could reach 140 km / h


This GOES-16 East GeoColor satellite image was taken at 2:20 pm EDT on September 8, 2021 and provided by NOAA to show the Atlantic Hurricane Larry. The National Meteorological Service warns that swells from hurricane rallies cause dangerous rip current conditions. (Canada Press / NOAA via AP-AP)

NS. Residents of the Avalon Peninsula are warned tonight to prepare for the strong winds of a gust of 140 kilometers per hour as the hurricane rally storms eastern Newfoundland and Labrador.

Hurricane alerts are occurring throughout the peninsula, including St. Johns.

Halifax’s Canadian Hurricane Center says strong winds are expected to knock down trees, pull down power lines and damage property.

Residents are required to secure loose objects and prepare for power outages and local floods caused by heavy rains.

Meanwhile, tropical cyclone warnings have been issued in the eastern half of the state, and gusts of up to 110 km / h are expected in exposed areas.

Similarly, storm surge warnings are being implemented in southern Avalon, the Burin Peninsula, and the Konaigre Peninsula, with maximum wave heights of up to 14 meters near the coast.

Canadian press