Hurricane Rally wipes out power, trees across St. John’s; people urged to stay home


NS. People in eastern Newfoundland and Labrador woke up on Saturday, torn by the breeze of the hurricane rally, and awakened to a street littered with thrown branches and debris.

The rally landed as a Category 1 storm along the island’s south coast shortly after midnight on Friday, bringing 130 km / h of rain and continuous wind throughout the Avalon Peninsula, including the capital of St. John’s.

On Saturday morning, the streets of the city were lined with fallen branches, and many lawns uprooted the trees.

On Saturday, a small crowd gathered around Queen Mary Elementary School in Peace, slowly shaking her head as the shredded roof fragments of the school shook in the rest of the wind. Most of the roof was blown off the building and lay on a pile of planks and nails on the ground a short distance away.

Nearly 30,000 people in the St. John’s region were still losing power at 10 am, according to the New Fundland Power website. However, Wright and the coffee maker were in Tim Hortons, near the State Museum in the room, and had a lineup to meander morning coffee from the restaurant out of the door.

Brandon Snook was out of the coffee shop with his little son, Miles, when his wife grabbed a few cups inside. He said they didn’t have the power to make their own.

Miles slept all night, according to Snook, but was clearly impressed. “My sister, her little kid lost her playhouse,” he said. “It hit the house with about 2 million pieces.”

He said his own house was okay — just a little siding was peeled off.

The empty building near the Rollins Cross intersection wasn’t very lucky. Some of the traffic-facing windows were shattered by the frame, leaving the interior of the building completely exposed.

As I climbed the street, part of the green iron fence surrounding the cathedral collapsed, and some of the windows of the huge structure were missing.

The Royal Newfoundland Constable has urged pedestrians and drivers throughout the peninsula to stay home while police are sweeping the area to report fallen trees and power lines.

Meanwhile, Newfoundland Power ensured that the crew had been out in the dark to work on the power lines since dawn.

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