Hurricane Sam intensifies major category 4 storms

Hurricane Sam has evolved into a potentially stronger Category 4 storm, the National Hurricane Center. Said On Saturday’s public advisory. The “small but dangerous” hurricane was one of the first 18th named storms to occur and was defeated only last season, the most active hurricane season on record.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to about 140 mph and gusts are even higher. Storm winds extend up to 25 miles outside their center, and tropical cyclone winds extend up to 105 miles outside.

The National Hurricane Center said Saturday afternoon that “it is expected to be further strengthened until tonight.” “Some fluctuations in hurricane strength are possible early next week.”

As of Saturday afternoon, Sam is moving west-northwest across the Atlantic Ocean at nearly 10 mph. Slow movements to the west-northwest are expected throughout the weekend.It’s not yet clear if the storm will land in the United States

The swell is expected to reach the islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean by early next week, which can cause “life-threatening waves and rip current conditions.” The Hurricane Center urged locals to look up products from the local meteorological bureau.

# Sam It will be a big hurricane. Hurricanes can occur northeast of the Leeward Islands, as the forecast course and intensity remain the same. However, dangerous waves and rip currents can occur throughout the Lesser Antilles, starting in a few days. more:

— National Hurricane Center (@NHC_Atlantic) September 25, 2021

Sam was in a Category 2 storm at the end of Friday and is considered a “small hurricane” by the Hurricane Center, but already meets the criteria for rapid intensification. It is the 16th storm that has rapidly intensified over the last two seasons in the Atlantic Ocean.

Jeff Berardelli contributed to the report.

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