Hurricane Watches Issued for Long Island and New England as Tropical Cyclone Henri Predicts Increased Strength


Published by the National Hurricane Center New England Hurricane Watch In parts of Long Island, New York, a tropical cyclone Henri could develop into a hurricane before landing on the northeast coast this weekend.

Henri is expected to land on Sunday, and New England residents can expect strong winds of up to 75 mph, rainfall of up to 5 inches, and storm surges of 3 to 5 feet on Monday. The first tropical cyclone wind can reach the shore at the end of Saturday.

A man walking on Boylston Street in Boston on Thursday.  (Boston Globe via Craig F. Walker / Getty Images)

A man walking on Boylston Street in Boston on Thursday. (Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Hurricane watches primarily cover Long Island, but also include Connecticut, Rhode Island, and parts of southeastern Massachusetts, including Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. Tropical cyclone clocks are published in the New York Metro area, including Westchester and Nassau counties.

The alert occurs the day after the 30th anniversary of Bob’s last hurricane landing in New England. Bob, who affected New England people for up to two weeks, suffered $ 1.5 billion in damages, which today amounts to nearly $ 3 billion, killing at least 17 people.

Henri follows Just behind FredA tropical cyclone that passed through parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts earlier this week could cause a total of another eight inches of rain this weekend.


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