Husband, wife’s movie as a friend is swept into the sea after cliff diving goes wrong


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Instagram / Facebook

An attempt by a Russian fitness coach to rescue a friend trapped in the Mediterranean sea became fatal after both were washed away. The entire tragedy filmed by the coach’s suffering wife was unfolded in a video.

The horrifying footage has since become a hot topic on Russian social media, even though the coach’s family is scrambling to secure permission to travel to Spain for his cremation.

On September 23, 30-year-old Daniel Gagarin, along with his wife Dariya Gagarin and Finnish fitness instructor Emma Menkonen, who they are friendly women, in a jagged manner known as the Lazora Cove along Costa Blanca. I traveled on a cliff.

The video shot by Gagarina, 24, was aimed at capturing the group’s cliff diving feat. Instead, it became a horrifying chronicle of the last moments of Gagarin and Menkonen.

Among them, you can see 24-year-old Mönkkönen jumping out of a cliff into the rough sea below. Her attempt to climb out of the water is interrupted by a wave of monsters tearing her from the rock.

Gagarina, who has a camera, swears many times in Russian. Gagarin reassures her to rescue Menkonen. He jumped into the sea, struggled towards Finn, and somehow managed to propel both of them onto the rocks when the waves hit around them.

At some point, Gagarina appears to descend to the waterline and reach out, saying, “Danilla, I’m coming!” And “Hug her!”

Rescue attempts quickly become sour. The waves rise and you can hear Dariya turning back and screaming in Russian in the footage. Embrace her! “

As the waves receded, pulling Gagarin and Menkonen out of sight, Dariya shouted, “Danny! Damn! Danilla, no!”

Mönkkönen’s body was lifted from water about two miles away. Gagarin was recovered the next day by a search and rescue team.

The shocking footage began to spread throughout the messaging app Telegram on Monday.

Gagarin and his wife moved to Spain from Odintsovo on the outskirts of Moscow three years ago. They both worked as fitness trainers in the city of Torrevieja.

Mönkkönen came from Helsinki to Alicante, Spain, according to her social media profile. She taught yoga and aquabics, and taught a senior fitness class that her company called “grandma’s exercise.”

Prior to Mönkkönen’s deadly leap, a male figure, perhaps Gagarin, was seen in Gagarin’s video and performed a similar stunt. He successfully makes it out of the water and hoops and cheers from those who see it from the rock.

According to a friend, cliff diving was his regular habit. “Danya jumped off the cliff like a man every summer.” The one named Artyom Told the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Prouda.. “He took the risk, but he liked the adrenaline.”

Gagarin’s client also said KP He would shoot the jump and show it off to the trainees.

“Danila was a professional sportsman, as was his wife Dasha,” said Elena Gagarin, Gagarin’s mother and artist. Told the Russian news station RENTV. “They are both fitness trainers, so I was constantly testing my strength and abilities.”

Elena continues, the family Trying to get an emergency visa I was supposed to arrive in Spain before my son’s cremation, which was scheduled for the last day of September. Some of the ashes are scattered in the sea. The rest is split between Gagarina and the family, who bring some of them back to Russia.

“Danila was a sea man,” Gagarin’s mother said in an interview.

Complicating the plan was the concern that family vaccinations, perhaps Russian-made Sputnik V, would be rejected by Spanish authorities.

“Our vaccine is not accepted there,” Elena told the Russian tabloid. Moskovsky Com Somolet, no name The kind she received. “We are like exiles.”

Dariya Gagarina did not respond to a request for comment late Monday. An hour before the September 23 tragedy, a local retailer posted on Instagram, stating, “It’s windy, the waves are strong, and it’s time to jump.”

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