Hypocrisy oozes in liberal stance on Ford’s use of ‘notwithstanding’ clause


Ontario is a special place.

There were two years of school closures, but the necessity was questionable. Now that the COVID regime is finally lifted, what will happen just as children are returning to normal school hours?

Of course, there are strikes. The great CUPE union called for school workers to strike, initially demanding only 11% per annum for his next four years. Prime Minister Doug Ford has slapped the strike in mind for parents who are tortured and resentful of Zoom learning (and whose children deny all normal childhood social interaction). , has threatened to use the “nevertheless clause” of the esteemed Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It goes down as soon as you take the first exciting breath.

He can read the Ontario Room, there is no doubt about it. A teacher’s salary was cut for his two years, small businesses went bankrupt, Costco and the big companies made up like bandits, and restaurants especially went bankrupt like dominoes. 4 November) calls for a strike.

A cry of terror from Ottawa, the prime minister, the liberal front bench, and specific intervention Cabinet Plato Seamus Oregan said, “It is an affront to democracy to use the Clause to suspend workers’ rights.”

It’s destroying the charter, they all cry. This is the basic right to “collective bargaining,” like Howard Anglin at its most avid. Perceptually claimed The Hub’s commentary says it was court-manufactured and not included in the Charter.

It is a question for medical authorities how liberals can remain conscious in carrying out a position so hypocritical. Liberals laid down the COVID regime. They waltzed over, through, around, and under the Charter. I think I wrote it before, they were driving 18 wheelers with no brakes through civil liberties. And it was just their warm-up.

Was it that long ago that there were democratic and peaceful protests in Ottawa? have introduced emergency laws? This has frozen bank accounts, prevented legitimate fundraising for trucker protests, and forced people into civil war in all parts of the country. took away my freedom.

The Canadian federal government, for no apparent justification, and based on testimony leading up to public investigations so far, out of confusion rather than intimidation, invoked the Sons of War Act to put a steel lid on civil lawsuits. It was the first time in history that it did. Rights that we normally enjoy.

These are now “people”. It’s a term I borrowed from the ever homely speaker, Obama. We have state chiefs whining and yelling that they are demanding clauses even though they are themselves elements of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is an “insult to democracy” and a violation of Canada’s liberties.

You don’t have to be a big liberal supporter to admire their pure “face” for using Newfoundland terminology. Remember, this is also a minority government that makes deals with the NDP’s ultra-subservient Jagmeet Singh and acts as the majority government. If you’re looking for a real “insult to democracy,” check out Shin Trudeau’s political wedding.

This embrace has taken away the most essential power from the House of Representatives (which Trudeau turned into a Zoom cable station during COVID) to call for a no-confidence motion.

Now that they’ve seen a glimpse of political superiority in attacking the prime minister of the province, they’re King Arthur, robot knights at the cabinet table, and “stand up” for the civil liberties of Canadians.

Professional acrobats were circus stars based on their ability to bend, twist and coil as easily as overcooked spaghetti, but liberals must be looked upon with envy and despair. . They couldn’t curl easily like this.

This liberal government is now pretending, pretending, and posing as a civil rights advocate after COVID restrictions and delegations, and after the massive overextension of state power granted by the Emergency Act. I would like to. And cast Poilievre for failing to accuse Doug Ford, who was a major supporter of liberals during the COVID phase and the state of emergency legislation, of being careless with civil liberties.

A nice twist.

When the bile is so pure and the hypocrisy so perfect, sometimes you have to step back and say: this is outstanding. This is so shameless and so shameless that a great artist should capture the moment. It is either a painting or a marble statue.

Politicians have danced around their actions for centuries, making promises that didn’t live up to the breath they took. But it is a special moment for this government to pretend that Ford’s allies are vigilant against committing an “insult to democracy” and nevertheless enforcing the provisions.

After enacting the Emergency Act for the last two years, establishing yourself as an advocate of the Charter is pure sunset glow of hypocritical behavior.

it stands alone it’s special. Only a spectacular dance during the Great India Tour can offer competition.

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Rex Murphy


Rex Murphy is an author, columnist, and former CBC Television and CBC Radio host.