Hyrope smart rope allows you to track the performance of your exercise while skipping



Hygear, a smart fitness equipment manufacturer established in 2020, recently announced their latest product, the Hyrope smart rope. The selling point of this smart rope is that it can provide real-time feedback through the official app, including times, speed, rhythm and calories burned. In addition, the official app can also select different exercise plans for users, and use AI technology to adjust the goals based on the users’ actual performance.

Earlier, due to the epidemic, people who used to go to the gym could only stay at home. For this reason, some people may have bought expensive fitness equipment or have become accustomed to this way of fitness. Therefore, even though the gym has reopened, many people still choose to stay at home to exercise for various reasons. Hyrope was launched during this time and can provide an additional option for people who want to exercise at home, even if the place at home is relatively narrow, it will not hinder your fitness plan. Hygear refers to the reason they chose to make Hyrope because they believe that “aerobic exercise plus strength training is the most effective way to lose weight, and rope skipping is one of the best aerobic exercises that can be performed in a limited space.”

Hyrope is now open for pre-sale, priced at $39, and a 1-year Hygear app membership will be included with the smart rope. The official app has launched a 90-day weight loss plan, and in the following weeks 45-day and 60-day aerobic exercise plans will also be launched.

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