I am a chef Here are the 6 breakfasts I don’t order from the restaurant and the 6 breakfasts I completely order.

  • I chef Some breakfasts I love to order, others I never do.

  • We do not order omelets, yogurt parfaits or avocado toasts at the restaurant.

  • Shakshouka, acai bowl, and Breakfast burrito For breakfast.

You don’t get avocado toast at a restaurant because you can make it cheaply at home.

A man eating avocado toast with a poached egg.

You can make avocado toast at home.Getty

I love creamy and crunchy avocado toast breakfast —But I want to save $ 20 and make it at home with all my favorite hot sauce and coriander.

Ordering an omelet is dangerous if you want to cook the eggs in a particular way.

Omelet with sauce and side salad

I want you to shake the egg in the center.Shebeko / Shutterstock

This may be controversial, but I’m not ordering unless I know there’s a lot of shaking in the center of the egg Breakfast omelet..

I firmly believe in the saying, “What you do in a frying pan dries on a plate.” And dry things have a whole new meaning by the time the meal reaches the restaurant table.

Egg white is not a movement.

Scrambled eggs with toast on the plate

If you want to take eggs, you want yolk and white.Julie Vader / Shutterstock

As I said, I’m not the person who orders omelets at restaurants.Also skip orders Any egg dish Only in white.

Remove the greasy egg yolks for a drier breakfast.

Bagels are ordered only from proven spots.

All bagels with rocks, cream cheese and tomatoes.

I love good bagels, but I want to know who makes them.Paul Brighton / Shutterstock

Great bagels are a work of art.So unless you’re eating at the famous and proven bagel heaven (which usually requires long lines and short service), choose toast or English muffins. Breakfast sandwich..

I love yogurt, but I eat enough parfait at home.

Yogurt parfait with chia seeds topped with mint in a glass cup

I usually eat parfait at home.ESstock / Shutterstock

As someone with a deep love for yogurt, I’m pretty noisy with my parfait.Plus this is my Go to breakfast at home — When eating out, I like to try something a little more adventurous.

I don’t believe in ordering plain pancakes.

Butter and pancakes.

This was better than a pancake made from real eggs.Taylor Adigan

The saucer-sized pancakes found on most diners need something to break the monotony a bit.

For me, that means chocolate chips, blueberry, Or banana. And of course, plenty of whipped cream.

On the other hand, I love ordering breakfast sandwiches with croissants.

Salmon and arugula croissants, cherry tomatoes and croissant sandwiches

It’s even better to have a freshly baked croissant.ismishko / Shutterstock

Why not level up your eggs and cheese and add them to your butter croissant? This is a treat, especially if you’re eating at a place where you make pastries in-house.

Breakfast burritos can be full and delicious.

Breakfast burrito wrapped in green chilies in one fold.

The breakfast burrito comes with lots of sauces and stuffing.Monica Humphreys / Insider

A Great breakfast burritoWith fresh tortillas, soft scrambled eggs, and plenty of salsa, it can be difficult to perfect at home, but I’m happy to do it right in the restaurant.

The acai bowl is delicious.

Acai bowl of flowers, banana sliced ​​on top

The acai bowl can also be easily customized.zjuzjaka / Shutterstock

Asking someone else to make a smoothie will make you feel magical. And can I always choose my toppings? I enter.

Shakshouka is also a great and delicious option.

Shakshouka for breakfast

Shakshouka blends perfectly with unfriendly bread.Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

Popular in North Africa and the Middle East, this tomato and egg dish is fragrant and delicious.

Give the heels of unfriendly bread and the frothy skillet of jammy tomato sauce that wraps the flowing egg yolk. I am happy.

If you have a Bloody Mary bar, I’m in.

Bloody Mary and a bunch.Toppings sitting on gray counter napkins

You can pack olives, bacon, etc. into Bloody Mary.Danielle W Press / Shutterstock

Pickles, olives, shrimp, oh my!Even a virgin Bloody Mary You can go there when you are looking for something delicious or satisfying. I love being able to add garnish on top.

Chilaquiles is a killer breakfast.

Chilaquiles on white and blue plates on a wooden tray

Chilaquiles is a delicious dish.David Sahad / Shutterstock

This Mexican dish is a delicious display with a complex texture, including crisp chips, chunky salsa, smooth sauces, and melted cheese. Eating tortilla chips for breakfast is an ideal excuse.

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