I am a trained chef. Here are 13 of my best tips for making foods that everyone should know how to cook.


Cooked herb potatoes on a top plate with parchment paper with a fork

There is an easy way to upgrade your classic diet.Seviria / Getty Images

  • As a trained chef, I know some cooking techniques that make common cooking better.

  • Make croutons by hand, peel the celery and add to the cold salad.

  • Cool the cookie dough before baking and add salt to the sweets.

As a trained chef, I know that even the slightest tweak can make the biggest difference to the final plate.

Here are 13 tips for preparing food Everyone needs to know how to make:

Cook roast chicken with plenty of vegetables

yours Beautiful roast bird Sprinkle chopped carrots, onions, potatoes and other hearty vegetables around the chicken in the pan for a single pan meal.

When the meat is cooked, it releases delicious juices and flavors, which the ingredients absorb.

By the time the chicken is cooked, it can be served with the most flavorful vegetables.

Use your hands to make the most crispy croutons

Croutons cooked in oil on a black top plate

Do not slice croutons with a knife.Steidi / Shuttershock

Instead of slicing with a knife, you can tear a little old bread by hand to make a really crunchy crouton. Even if I eat a bite of Caesar salad, I can’t even hear the voices of my friends at dinner.

Tear it to create great corners and gaps to absorb Flavorful olive oil And seasonings. In addition, the large surface area means that there is room for browning in the oven, eventually resulting in crunch.

Make a large amount of French onion soup

Skip the fuss Extra food Use an oven-proof frying pan or Dutch oven to create a large batch of one-pot French onion soup.

When you’re done, place a layer of toasted croutons and finely chopped Gruyere on the soup and pop the entire pan under the oven broiler until the cheese melts and foams, serving in a family style.

Treat your eggs slowly and slowly

Reduce the heat of the scrambled eggs and avoid stirring as much as possible for a creamy and softest texture.

Instead of shaking the mix in the pot, Gently pull the outer edge towards the center Several times when they cook.

And don’t forget to remove the scramble from the frying pan before it looks completely cooked. What is done in a frying pan is dry on a plate.

Peel before adding celery to tuna or pasta salad

Tuna salad in a black and white bowl on a white table

The outer layer of celery is a little chewy.Joanna 12 / Shuttershock

The next time I make tuna Pasta saladTry to run a vegetable peeler along the length of each celery stalk.

Removes the thin but fibrous outer layer that can make eating celery unpleasant and chewy.

Keep the puff pastry in standby

If you put a box of puff pastry in the freezer, Impressive appetizer, Supper, or dessert with minimal effort.

You can make a stunning tarte tatin (caramel fruit-baked dessert) with a one-crust chicken pot pie (don’t miss the sticky bottom), an elegant twisted cheese stick, or just a few extra ingredients.

Add sweetness to your sandwich

Slide a slice of apple or pear between bread and cheese in an easy and gourmet way Upgrade your next grilled cheese..

Fruits release natural pectin, or sugar, to give the sandwich a subtle sweetness. This is a perfect complement to umami-rich cheese.

Cool the cookie dough before baking

Cookie dough

Cooling will prevent the cookies from spreading too much.ThitareeSarmkasat / Getty Images

To make the thickest and chewy cookies Cool the raw mound Harden the butter in the refrigerator or freezer so that the butter does not spread too much or cook in the oven too quickly.

Then remove the cookies from the oven 1 minute before they are ready and place them on the baking sheet for 5 minutes before cooling in a wire rack.

Frozen custard is the only thing that beats homemade ice cream

To upgrade your creamy dessert game, make a simple custard with egg yolk, sugar, cream and your favorite flavors.

After stirring and freezing, the result will be infinitely creamy and the richer flavor will be blown away. What I bought at the store From the water.

Your food processor is your friend, especially for homemade mayonnaise

Discover the wonderful world of homemade mayonnaise with the help of a food processor.

Turn egg yolks and high-quality oils into fluffy and delicious mayonnaise for your next sandwich. potato salad, Or dressing.

Soak the potatoes

Peeled potatoes soaked in water

Peel or slice the potatoes and then soak them.Proshkin Aleksandr / Shuttershock

you Make crispy french fries Also Fluffy mashed potatoesAfter peeling or slicing the spud, soak the spud.

Potatoes oxidize quickly, so the white meat begins to turn brown as soon as it comes in contact with the air, but this does not happen when placed in a water bath.

Boil chicken in water to make a delicious homemade soup

Cook the whole bird in a pot of boiling water, turn the mix into soup, and cook the meat at the same time to make the most heartwarming chicken noodle soup.

Then remove the chicken, add the vegetables and chop the meat into small pieces.Finally, stir everything with the noodles to make a homemade soup. Stop the cold On that truck.

Salt sweets

Sprinkle flaky salt on the cookies and sprinkle on them. Brownie, Cakes and pies are still warm and fresh out of the oven.

Salt naturally enhances flavor, including sweets. In addition, it adds a great texture component to your soft baked goods.

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