I am a travel writer who has visited all 50 states. Below are seven that I think are the most overrated.

Catherine Parker-Majal on a boat in Penobscot Bay

I’ve been to all 50 US states, and some didn’t quite live up to the hype.Catherine Parker-Majal

  • I visited every state in America many times — and some are simply too hyped.

  • If heading to New England, consider skipping New Hampshire in favor of Maine or Vermont.

  • Colorado is great, but there’s still more to explore in the American West.

All states are worth visiting, but some don’t quite live up to the hype for me.

A writer posing on a boat

An unexpected benefit of visiting all 50 states is that you’ll be sure to entertain your guests at your cocktail party.Catherine Parker-Majal

Me Visited 50th state at age 13and have since returned multiple times to each.

Whether traveling with friends and family or my career as a travel writer (or both), I’ve had memories and adventures across America.

And while I’m adamant that there are no bad states to visit, I believe there are a few that receive an outrageous amount of hype that may not be worth it at all, and I would like to name them. think.

Keep in mind that inclusion on this list means your state has a reputation as a very cool place to visit.

And since travel is ultimately subjective, I reserve the right to fall in and out of love with every state as I revisit it again and again.

We recommend visiting the coast of Maine or the mountains of Vermont before checking out New Hampshire.

people on the beach

New Hampshire has beautiful beaches, but New England also has many.Catherine Parker-Majal

In my book, a trip to New England is always a good idea. But New Hampshire’s neighbors, Maine and Vermont, have surpassed New Hampshire as a travel destination.

Some enthusiasts rave about the attractions of New Hampshire’s Lake District, especially Lake Winnipesaukee.We recommend going a little further to Moosehead Lake, not only beautiful, but rugged and secluded in the highlands of Maine For a truly immersive wilderness experience.

If you love mountains, the Green Mountains of Vermont are for you. It has charming mountain towns, lots of ski resorts, and perhaps the best terrain on the East Coast.

If seaside is what you’re looking for, bypass New Hampshire’s 13 miles of coast, hundreds of Miles of Maine’s rugged splendor overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Arizona is one of the hyped destinations in the Southwest.

A writer sitting on a red rock

Popular cities in Arizona tend to be a little too crowded for me.Catherine Parker-Majal

Many people are drawn to Arizona’s mild climate and natural beauty. However, in recent years, popular cities such as Scottsdale and Sedona seem to be flooded with tourists. And steep prices and busy hiking his trails offer the opposite of rest and relaxation.

Instead, why not check out another Southwestern city? If you’re looking for transcendence, peruse the dazzling street art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, or Reno, Nevada. Burning Man is more a lifestyle than a festival.

The same goes for hedonistic bachelorette weekends — if you’re going to a techno pool party in the middle of the day, you can trade in Scottsdale. Las VegasLet’s go home after we grow up.

Everyone knows about Colorado, but consider visiting the underrated state.

Breckenridge writers in the snow

Colorado has some great ski spots, but there’s more to see outside of the state as well.Catherine Parker-Majal

Dear Colorado Residents, the hype surrounding Colorado’s mountains and resorts is continue to be criminally underrepresented.

Colorado’s Rockies are certainly formidable, but Wyoming’s Tetons are younger, with jagged peaks that haven’t been completely truncated by erosion and time.

From Aspen to Colorado vail To Denver — but if you want a more remote and authentic cowboy experience (not to mention some of the best skiing in the country), also consider visiting Wyoming and Montana.

Oregon feels like the center of attention in the Pacific Northwest.

rainbow in oregon

Oregon is beautiful, but Portland is not my favorite.Catherine Parker-Majal

The majesty of Oregon’s Crater Lake and the rugged drama of its monochrome coastline cannot be ignored, but I think the most popular city, Portland, is overrated.

Known for decades as a hipster’s paradise, Portland is now being hailed as a must-visit urban destination in the Pacific Northwest.

We recommend that you consider Visit Seattle, Washington, instead. Famous for its coffee culture and grunge music scene, Seattle’s nightlife is more dense, so he can hop from live music venues to wine bars in one night. (Nearby Bellevue is heaven for local winegrowers).

Seattle is also close to the rugged wilderness that defines the area. Seattle is located on the coast of Puget Sound, Issaquah at the foot of the Cascade Mountains, and only a 20-minute drive from the Alps, while Portland is an hour’s drive to the mountains and coast.

Head further north than Connecticut when visiting New England.

Connecticut friends and authors on the road

Connecticut is classy and beautiful, but it’s not a magical place to me.Catherine Parker-Majal

Connecticut has several geographic advantages that enhance the landscape, such as a coastline overlooking the Long Island Sound, rural farmlands toward the northwestern part of the state, and proximity to New York City.

But a state may need some glaring flaws and idiosyncrasies to truly come together as a magical destination.

Connecticut — one of the richest states in the country Perfectly positioned as the gateway to New England along the Eastern Seaboard.

If you want luxury and well-prepared sophistication, head south. new york cityof the Upper East Side. If you want nautical charm, drive east toward Rhode Island. If you want real New England bravado (Old Salt, Red Sox Fun, Irish Pub), visit Massachusetts.

Of course, the state has its own typical charm. Especially the beach town of Madison, the gorgeous Mayflower Inn and the Gold Coast.

There are more in the Midwest than in Missouri.

Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri gets a lot of attention.Tupungato/Shutterstock

Missouri is a cosmopolitan capital and noted for its cultural heritage as the birthplace of Kansas City jazz and the St. Louis blues.

But while I admire its iconic Gateway Arch and music, I prefer to spend my time exploring the nearby countryside.

I believe Midwest Rated Highest Drive around small towns or go outdoors. If you’re looking for the purest prairies, drive further west to the states on the Kansas-Nebraska border. The horizon is endless, golden fields rolling under a huge blue sky.

I once spent hours driving through vast grasslands and prairies under the bright rainbow lights of Nebraska. One of the most gorgeous sights I have ever seen in America.

Skip Pennsylvania on your road trip to the East Coast.

Pennsylvania writer and her brother

We had a great time in Pennsylvania, but the rest of the East Coast is more impressive.Catherine Parker-Majal

Finally, we back to the east coast The final section visits the famous land of Benjamin Franklin, Grace Kelly, and the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’.

Pennsylvania is not only home to these three American icons, it’s also home to the entire nation. It is the birthplace of America. But if that vacation is a road trip, it is necessarily the state where you want your vacation to start.

As a kid, when I was in the backseat of my parents’ car on family trips, I always felt like Pennsylvania would last forever. Philadelphia From Pittsburgh to vast rolling hills and Amish country.

Perhaps because I’m from New Jersey and adjacent states, the landscape felt less striking and too familiar. I believe that when traveling, it is better to stick to the coast.

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I am a travel writer who has visited all 50 states. Here are the 10 that we think are the most underrated.

I am a travel writer who has visited all 50 states. Here are the 10 that we think are the most underrated.

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