I am afraid that Apple will not be able to return to work until 2022.


Tim Cook

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Due to the impact of the Delta variant virus in the United States, and the fact that some states have been unable to raise the vaccine delivery rate, the recent epidemic in some areas has shown signs of resurgence. It is also overwhelming when the “normal” will be fully restored. A layer of shadow. Apple originally announced in June that it will return to the office to work in September, and will implement “Enter the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. The remaining Wednesday and Friday are free and flexible.” Policy.But now everything is disrupted again, according toBloomberg report, Appleā€™s “return to work day” has been temporarily postponed to January 2022, and there may be further adjustments. In its internal letter, Apple only stated that it would notify it “one month before work day,” and there is no specific timetable.

In the storefront, Apple can only switch with the ups and downs of the epidemic. This week, 20 employees of the Apple store in Charleston, South Carolina were listed as contacts because it was closed for two weeks. Although most of the stores in other places are open for business, the in-store teaching courses that were originally intended to be resumed have been put on hold, and the once loosened policy of wearing masks in the store has also been re-enforced.

Although Apple is only a company, this example also shows that even in areas with high vaccine delivery rates, it is difficult to truly return to the “normal” before the new crown under the threat of mutant viruses. Under such a premise, all companies may have to consider measures such as “temporary” work at home, and seriously consider whether to normalize them.