I am an American living in Europe. Here are the five things I miss most about the United States.

The writer before the chateau

America can learn a lot from Europe, but I still miss some things about home.Sydney Baker

  • I moved to Europe for graduate school in September, and I already Missing some things about the United States..

  • I miss the variety and accessibility of products and services, especially food.

  • I feel that Luxembourg is trapped in me and I miss the American campus culture.

I moved from the United States to Luxembourg in September and attended a two-year master’s program, but only a few months later. I miss a lot about my house..

Of course there is I wish the United States imported from Europe — Long lunch breaks and vacations (which people actually take), National Health Insurance, and better public transport, to name a few.

But hey, there is no perfect place. Here are some things I’m missing about the United States:

I miss high quality, 24-hour customer service

Thank you for Europe’s cool attitude towards cafe culture and slow-paced restaurants.But when it comes to essentials, I I miss Americans “Do it now!” Attitude.

For example, when I tried to open a bank account in Luxembourg (a feat for Americans abroad), the bank accidentally scanned some documents. As a result, I lost access to my funds for a week.

I was shocked that it took a very long time to resolve the issue, especially in an urgent economic situation, as I am accustomed to a 24/7 customer service line. It was particularly rough as I am alone in one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

I called many times to solve the problem, but many of my international friends here told me that they had a similar problem in banking.

Shopping is more restricted than I’m used to

Most European shops do not have the long business hours normally found in American cities. Many stores close near the end of the business day, which can be difficult if you work full-time.

I also noticed that the shelves of these stores have little variety.

Depending on where you live in Europe, I’m looking at you, Luxembourg! — Online orders can also be a bit difficult to deliver.

A writer with a stuffed Yoda at a cafe in Paris

There are some great foods in Europe, but I miss some of the easily accessible options that I had at home.Sydney Baker

I am anxious for a great variety of foods

In many parts of Europe, including Italy, Spain and France Incredible food..

But in Luxembourg, we have eaten great food at great times, not too expensive. Most of the “nice” restaurants I tried here seemed too expensive for quality.

me too Missing easy access to a variety of foods — When I got home, I was able to order and get high quality Mexican and Asian food. Neither is very common here.

There is no Trader Joe’sThis is one of my favorite grocery stores.

I wanted an open space unexpectedly

In the small landlocked country of Luxembourg, I easily become claustrophobic.

I’m from Seattle with lots of waterfront and mountain views. There aren’t many here.

The local nature is great, but it’s pretty limited. I feel that even the most highly challenged states in my hometown still have miles-and-miles of scenery.

Many living spaces in this area are also very compact and cozy, with limited outdoor space beyond the terraces and balconies. The windows are small, so I miss natural light. It comes from a girl in the Pacific Northwest who is very familiar with clouds and rain.

Writer hiking in the Olympic Mountains surrounded by trees

I loved hiking in the Olympic Mountains in my home state of Washington.Sydney Baker

It was nice to be able to experience college culture before flying around the Atlantic Ocean

Ever since I moved to graduate school, I’ve been thrilled to experience the campus life of Luxembourg. I soon realized that it didn’t really exist — at least not like America.

Dormitory is for international students Others from afar, Because more local students tend to live in their homes. There are sports and clubs, but the school is far from the level of an American “resort” (as one of my Bulgarian friends says) campus.

My university is also very new and small, so the campus community is still developing.

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