“I booked two summer vacations at the same time.”

Lee and Louise Chambers know they’re going on vacation this summer with their two kids.

What they don’t know is where they go-it may be Norfolk or their taste-Ferteventura.

They booked both in case they couldn’t get to the Canary Islands due to Covid’s restrictions.

And because they’re not the only ones doing this, some UK resorts are afraid that they may face a surge in cancellations.

To increase flexibility for Covid’s pandemic, many companies are offering low-value, non-deposited bookings this summer.

It has led to record bookings for many UK resorts, but many customers take advantage of booking two holidays instead of one in the same time frame and never lose any money. I know.

Talking to Lee and Louise under the watchtower in the garden in the rain of Lancashire, it’s no wonder they have a dream of sunbathing.

“Fuerteventura’s fingers crossed”

They have booked a work break and are determined to escape somewhere. When they splattered during their vacation to the Canary Islands, they weren’t sure if they would be allowed to travel there, so they also booked a booking option.

They are hedging both bookings and bets a little longer, hoping for a guaranteed fever, while ensuring they escape somewhere.

They love Norfolk cromers, but don’t hesitate when asked which holiday they want to go to. “Ferteventura, crossed fingers,” says Louise.

She states: “In this country, bad weather can make it a little harder to find something to do.”

According to Lee, the whole family is so excited about the possibility of vacation that they are determined to have a great summer after a tough year.

“You start planning, getting ready, and if it’s suddenly removed, it can actually affect our mental health,” explains Lee. That’s why they keep Norfolk bookings and decide near time.

“Growth trend”

And the Chambers family doesn’t seem to be alone.

The peak of holiday bookings came early in the year before the government announced travel rules. Many people still want some fixes before the summer holiday season begins, so some industry insiders may have double-booked them to keep their options open. I think.

Avvio offers the software behind the top 500 hotels in the UK. It is said that there are a lot of reservations, but at the moment the cancellation rate is only 4%, which is far below the usual 30% level.

Chief Commercial Officer Michael De Jongh states that this is due to double bookings, but concrete evidence of this phenomenon is that consumers actually cancel their trip to the UK and favor a trip to Europe. It will not start until or vice versa.

He says cancellations cause problems for hotels, much like Rishi Sunak’s “eat out to help out” plan booked multiple restaurants.

“There is a growing tendency to book multiple hotel rooms for the purpose of canceling all but one at the last minute, much like booking multiple restaurants during Eat Out To Help Out. It causes so many problems in the hotel.

“If someone has to cancel, it’s always a good idea to notify the hotel as much as possible or change the reservation to another date,” he says.

George Nouri

At a hotel in the Hipping Hall, George Norrie says he should be able to fill the room if people cancel early enough.

The Hipping Hall, like most venues, keeps the booking policy as flexible as possible so that people can book without fear of losing money.

A small boutique hotel in Kirkby Lonsdale, halfway between the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. We were only able to open the door to our guests this week and the 15 rooms will be full for the next few months.

General manager George Norrie says the hotel should be able to fill the slots if people cancel with sufficient notice. There is even a waiting list at night.

He believes the bigger challenge for them is to provide a great experience for first-time staycation vacationers so they can come back next year.

“Once our guests arrive here, we will do our best to give you the best possible experience. We may go abroad next year, but we may come to see us for a two-day stay. Hmm.”

The Chambers family will ensure that one of the selected destinations gives enough notification to fill the slot, and with the flexible booking given, no money will be lost. For them, it is in their favor.

Delayed cancellations and spikes can be a headache for UK hoteliers, but good news for those who have a disorganized vacation. Regardless of the weather, there are plenty of last-minute bargains on British holidays.