I can’t believe the phrase Kanye West just filed for trademark as a potential business move

Kanye West is about to capitalize to one of his rants.

TMZ report easy The founders have trademarked “Glad to hear from you”. The phrase was first used during an altercation between West and Tremaine Emory.

former friend and current friend creative director at Supreme held West accountable via an Instagram Live after a show in Paris. fashion The week that featured a T-shirt that read “White Lives Matter.”

An Instagram post shared on Oct. 4 read, “Using Virgil’s death in your ‘you’ must draw the line on you.”

In that same post, Emory also stood up for Vogue’s global contributing fashion editor Gabriela Kalefa Johnson, who was dragged to West after she shared her truth about her “White Lives Matter” statement.

“You are so broken. Please don’t mention Vergil’s name… please mention @gabriellak_j’s name…you are not a victim, you are a dying disgrace seeking validation from the fashion world.” ​Cheap narcissist…be careful…at least we always have the “Ugandan” part.Read the post.

Shortly after Emory’s post, West blasted a series of texts between the two on Instagram.

The first message seen as a response from West in their exchange is low, see his breeding grounds for the trademark “Good to hear from you.”

West’s move shows that there are still unresolved issues between the two.

In fact, the trademark he submitted to get mad at the creative director wasn’t just “nice to hear from b-tch.”West also submitted trademark “Tremendes”

Additionally, he used a distinct logo suspend Supreme style.