“I can’t stand it.” Teens in the photo “Re-enacted” George Floyd’s death at North Carolina High School

A social media post showing that two high school students in North Carolina are recreating George Floyd’s death prompted school officials to investigate.

A screenshot of the photo was shared on Friday on the South Coldwell High School Facebook page. In the photo, you can see one student with his thumbs up and one knee behind the other student’s neck. The second student is lying face down with his hands behind him. The caption says “Welcome to South Caldwell”.

Both students seem to be white.

Principal Philip Little said in a video statement on Friday: The incident occurred during a class change The day before, “it shook the emotional well-being of our students, our faculty and staff, and our community.” He said the school began an investigation on Thursday.

“Our country is forced to think about its difficult history, its challenging present, and its responsibility to each other as good people. Our school is now experiencing these difficult dialogues. “I’m doing it,” Little said. “We conducted a thorough investigation into the violation of the school’s rules and codes of conduct. We dealt with the responsible parties and consulted with their families.”

It was not immediately clear on Monday whether the students involved faced any punishment.

South Caldwell High School is located in Hudson, about 70 miles northwest of Charlotte.about 1,500 students go to school — According to the US News & World Report, 89% are white. Only 1% of a student’s body is black.

Floyd, 46, died on May 25 after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pushed his knees into his neck for more than nine minutes after three other police officers chose not to intervene.Chauvin was charged and convicted on April 20 Two unintentional murders, three murders, two manslaughter.

Don Chipps, director of Caldwell County Schools, did not immediately respond to McClatchy News’ request for comment on Monday. However, in a statement to WBTV, he described “a student recreating a scene involving George Floyd.”Awkward and annoying images.. “

“I would like to emphasize that this image does not represent the values, beliefs and ideals of schools in Coldwell County,” said Phipps. “… We are appalled by this action and apologize for the emotional confusion it caused. We build harmony in our efforts to support each other and unite and stand together. I swear to use this as a catalyst for work in the system for. “

Principal Little said it was an “unbearable incident.”

“It was rude and insensitive, so it was an inappropriate photo that quickly responded,” he said. “These behaviors are unacceptable in our school.”

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