“I don’t even place” in competition with trans-athletes: Australian Olympic gold medalist

Australian Olympic gold medalist Emily Seebohm has expressed concern about the lack of fairness in competitive sports where transgender athletes are allowed to play against female-born athletes.

The 29-year-old revealed on Thursday that she shares the same opinion with Australia’s most decorated Olympic athlete, swimmer Emma McKeon.

Seebohm, who won three gold medals at the Olympics and five at the world championships, said he wanted to compete in the “same field” that “everyone has the same strength, the same speed, and the same power.” .. “

In fact, a 29-year-old woman argues that “equal stadiums” need to be prioritized, and swimmers “want to swim and races are strangled because we are equal.” explained.

“We don’t want people to win in 10 or 8 seconds,” she added.

Talk to Nine today Seabaum said: “Of course, biological men will be faster and stronger than I have ever experienced.”

“If I were swimming at a men’s event, I wouldn’t even have a place, I wouldn’t have won a medal in Tokyo, and the man who finished 8th in Tokyo at the same event as me was about You won the event with 5 or 5. 6 seconds, so there’s a difference we’re talking about. “

Everyone should be able to participate in swimming, but “we need to keep this sport as fair as possible,” she said.

Her comments come after Olympic swimmer McKeon admits that she “doesn’t want to compete with someone who is biologically male.”

“Sports want to be inclusive, so we have to think about how to handle it and how to deal with it, but it’s not fair, so swimmers and women who are biologically male. It is not desirable for women to compete, “she said, a better future for all forums at Griffith University on Tuesday.

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A transgender woman, Ria Thomas swims for the University of Pennsylvania at the Ivy League Swimming Tournament with Harvard University on January 22, 2022 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

While more and more large sports organizations, both inside and outside Australia, are allowing trans-gender male-born athletes to compete in the female category, there is also growing opposition to the move.

On March 20, Australian Christian activist Martin Ills accused the championship of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in the NCAA Women’s 500-meter category as “shameful.” He advocated the idea that “no matter how intense the culture resists it,” it should be blamed.

The next day, Virginia Tech swimmer Reka Giorgio Issue a statement He accused Thomas of taking his place and claimed in “all events attended by transgender athletes” that “a biological woman was robbed of one place during the competition.”

With Australia’s federal elections a month ahead, transgender debates are becoming an important election issue as leaders of both major political parties have been pressed on this topic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison argued that he would continue to support liberal candidate Catherine Debes, who criticized transgender ideology loudly, but Labor leader Anthony Albanese said transgender people’s participation in women’s sports. I tried to get away from the question about his view.

“It’s subject to sexism law,” he said.according to Article 42 of the lawSports organizations are permitted to exclude people from competitive sporting activities based on “the status of gender, gender identity, or intersex associated with the athlete’s physical fitness, stamina, or physique.”

Albanese later added that he believed that “girls should be able to play sports with girls and boys should be able to play sports with boys.”

On Thursday, the Northern Territory government controversial gender diversity, encouraging schools not to divide students by gender at sporting events after being criticized for “trying to apply Marxist ideology” to the education system. Overturned the sexual guidelines.

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