“I don’t know” if Trump and I “always agree” in the Capitol riots

Former Vice President Mike Pence called January 6th “Dark Day” in US history on Thursday. His most powerful statement About the rebellion of the Houses of Parliament.

What he says: “… President Trump and I have talked many times since we retired,” the former Vice President said in a speech in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. “I don’t know if we can see each other that day, but we’re always proud of what we’ve done for the American people in the last four years.”

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  • “And I find that Democrats and media allies use a tragic day to hurt the aspirations of millions of Americans, and Democrats and media allies divert our attention. And move our country forward on their radical agenda. “

  • Republicans, we must unite and move forward for our country, for our future, for our children and grandchildren. “

Notable: In the siege of the Capitol on January 6, some mobs who were supporters of former President Trump called for Pence’s death.

Big picture: Pence Made his first speech Since retiring in April, he has praised the Trump administration’s “prosperity and security” era.

  • Senate Republican Party last week Blocked creation A bipartisan independent committee to investigate what happened on January 6th.

  • President Biden Oppose the establishment of a presidential committee, Axios learned on Thursday.White House spokesman Jen Psaki told Axios that the president wants Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to take the lead.

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