“I don’t think we can afford to move on,” says the surgeon general, from COVID.

Bibek Mercy

Bibek Mercy SXSW Amanda Stronza / Getty Images

future wave Although likely caused by the new COVID-19 variant, Americans “should focus on preparation, not panic,” said Vivek Murthy, US Surgeon General. Said on Fox news Sunday..

Hosttrace Gallagher observes that new COVID cases in the United States have fallen 95% since the January Omicron surge, but “new infectious BA.2 subvariants” are beginning to cause a new surge in Europe. I started the interview by doing. Elsewhere..

“Do you expect a new wave in this country, Doctor,” asked Gallagher.

“Cases can go up and down in the coming months, but the key here is to keep people away from the hospital and save lives. There are more tools than ever to do this. “We do,” said Mercy. He replied.

“So our focus should be on preparation, not panic, and if we get people these tools, vaccines, boosters and cures, the waves we might actually come and go. You can get over it, “he continued.

According to the data from New York Times, 65% of Americans are fully vaccinated and are defined as a single dose of Johnson & Johnson or a double dose of Pfizer or Moderna. 29% have booster immunity. 89% of Americans over the age of 65 are fully vaccinated.

When a politician was asked by COVID if he was “going forward,” Mercy said, “I don’t think I can afford to go ahead, but I think I can move forward with confidence. COVID is me. Define our lives. “

Mercy also emphasized the need for ongoing funding to tackle future variants and pandemics.Parliament earlier this month drop $ 15 billion in ongoing COVID funding from a $ 1.5 trillion package to fund the government.

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